What Should You Do If Your Tire Suddenly Blows Out

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One of the scariest things can happen when you are driving is a tire blowout. It just happens so suddenly and most people’s first instinct is to be panic. But we all can agree that panic is a recipe for disaster so you need to remain calm and try figuring out what you should do next. So, the million dollar question is, what should you do if your tire suddenly blows out? To answer this question, here are some information to help you.

What It Feels and Sounds Like

Before we deal with the real problem, it is best to know what exactly will happen when a tire blowout. Of course you can feel it when it’s happening but fear can affect our brain negatively. So, we have to know what you will experience when the tire bursts. Firstly is the sound. You definitely will heard loud boom, like an explosion, followed by whooshing sound, a sign that air is going out of the tires. After that, you will feel that your car is slowing down, but then it will get faster again. The worse thing is, your car will be dragged to a certain side, depend on which tire blows out.

What Should You Do If Your Tire Suddenly Blows Out
What You Should Do

Now, let us discuss the answer to the main question. What should you do if your tire suddenly blows out? Here are the most important things you should always remember.

·                     Keep Your Grip on the Steering Wheel Firm

The sound of the tire bursting can really surprise you. But no matter what, you should remain calm. Just keep a firm grip on the steering wheel first while calming your mind,

·                     Turn on the Emergency Lamp

When you think you can handle the situation, immediately turn on your emergency lamp. Tire burst can drag your car to a certain side and it can be pretty hard to control. When you are turning the emergency lamp, other cars will slow down and get out of your way, which will really help preventing accidents.

·                     Do Not Brake

This is where most people do the wrong things. When the car is starting to be dragged to a certain side, maybe hitting the brake is the first thing you have in your mind. But the truth is, it is a very wrong move. Hitting the brake when a tire blows out is a bad idea because your car might skid and instead of regaining control, you will lose it. So, just let the car slows down by itself and try to stay on your lane just by maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel.

·                     Pull over to the Side of the Road

Up to this point, do you understand what should you do if your tire suddenly blows out? If you do, then we can go to another important step that is pulling over to the side of the road. Only do it when your car has started slowing down and the traffic is safe. After the speed has reached below 20 miles, you can start pushing the brake slowly if you need it.

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