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Perhaps the biggest mistake one can ever make when getting tire replacements on their own is not purchasing the right tire size, this is why Walmart online store add a Walmart tire finder section for customers to use when they are looking for a new set of tires. While no one can deny the fact that this new added section is incredibly useful, as useful as it is, without knowing the correct size of your tires, a customer cannot possibly put it to a good use. Before you can properly utilize the tire finder, first you must understand the correct measurement of your tires. If you do not already know the measurement, you can easily get the information needed on the sidewall of your tires. To some automotive geek, this is not an issue – however, to those who have zero idea about the matter, what is written on the sidewall of their tires may only add to their confusion. “What does P195/60R16 63H M+S even mean?” is what majority of them end up saying after a quick look at the sidewall. If you are one of these people, don’t worry because you have come to the right place! Here, we are going to guide you through the art of reading this seemingly strange code sequence. Read on to learn more.

Using the previously stated size as an example, we will help you break down each number so it helps you understand better as to what they are pertaining to. See the following detailed explanation:

Tire size example: P195/60R16 63H M+S

·                     P signifies the type of your tire, P typically refers to passenger vehicle.

·                     195 refers to the width (in millimeters) of your tire, measured across the tread.

·                     60 is the aspect ratio of your tire’s sidewall when compared to the width of your tire.

·                     R comes from radial construction.

·                     16 refers to the diameter (in inches) of your rim.

·                     63 is the load rating of your tires.

·                     H signifies the speed rating of your tires.

·                     M+S refers to the fact that your tires are suitable for driving on all seasons.

Some of you may understand what they refer to but when they are browsing the Walmart tire finder, they still have no idea if a slight difference in numbering will affect the performance of their vehicle. For the H  (speed rating), for instance. It shows the ability of a tire to prevent or dissipate heat build up as heat is the worst enemy of tires. This means the higher speed rating a tire has, the better it is at preventing heat that might break down the tires. However, it is worth noting that for customers who rarely go on a long drive, a subpar speed rating won’t affect them the tire performance at all – thus it’s probably safer for them.

Now that you already know everything you need to know on how to read the size that is printed on the sidewall of your tire, you can utilize the Walmart tire finder without worries.

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