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Walmart tire and lube services, as a part of the largest retail supermarket chain in the world, cover all your automobile needs with high quality spareparts and top notch services at a discounted price. The supermarket giant has been the go-to place for incredibly low priced groceries and any other household items but very little of its loyal customers know that these days, at Walmart, they too can get their automobile serviced or repaired while they pick up some things for their weekly grocery shopping. With more than 2,500 Auto Centers all throughout the nation, Walmart’s certified and professional technicians are more than ready to provide you with the best service you can ever imagine.

Gone are the days where you think you must go to the dealership or other automobile service companies to have your tires rotated or replaced and your car repaired. At Walmart tire and lube services, you can get the same incredible service with high quality spare parts at an affordable price! Yes, that is exactly what makes Walmart Auto Centers superior than its competitors in the industry – dealerships and automobile service companies are known to leave you broke after getting your car repaired or serviced, but at Walmart Auto Centers, you no longer have to worry about similar scenario. Staying true to Walmart’s slogan, “Save Money, Live Better,” the Walmart Auto Centers guarantee you an exceptional service and high quality parts at a discounted price.

With Walmart tire center hours start operating at 8 in the morning and close at 6 in the evening, you can get in early for an estimate and get the service your car needs while you go out to shop. It does not matter whether you just need your tires rotated, or you need your oil changed – Walmart Auto Centers can do it all! The following is a list of services at Walmart Auto Centers:

  • Tire services

Need to get your tires replaced? Walmart Auto Centers provide you with basic tire installation package which costs $12/tire and value package at $22/tire. The basic package includes tire-mounting service, the valve stems, and a lifetime balance and rotation service ever 7,500 miles as well as a lug re-torque service for every 50 miles. As for the value package, a road-hazard protection warranty is added.

  • Oil and lube services

Those who need their oil changed may choose one of the three packages offered at $19.88, $29.88, and $39.88. All of the packages come with new oil filter, tire pressure adjustment service, free battery performance check up service, and chassis lubrication.

  • Battery services

Need to replace your battery? Walmart Auto Care Center offers free installation for batteries purchased at the Auto Center and $10 for batteries bought from outside. The Auto Center also offers Battery Corrosion Treatment for just $3.50 per battery.

  • Additional services

There are a plethora of other services on top of the aforementioned Walmart tire and lube services, services such as fuel system service, wiper blade installation and engine air-filter installation are also available at affordable prices!

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