Tractor Tire Fluid Capacity Chart

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Tractor tire fluid capacity chart is a guide for you who want to add tire fluids to their tractor. Tractor tire fluid can give extra traction, and help tall tires to lower the center of gravity. All of those will reduce the possibility your tractor tipping over on the slippery roads. However, adding tire fluid may change the ride quality of your tractor when you drive it on top speeds. There are few tractor tire fluids you can use. They include:


It is the cheapest material for tractor tires and you can get it easily. However, water will freeze in cold temperature. The frozen ice will expand the tire, so when it is melted the tire can be pushed off the rim. Besides, riding on frozen ice is not comfortable.

Calcium chloride

This is the most common materials of tractor fluids that still used until today. Calcium chloride is salt flake mixture that keeps water from freezing down in low temperatures. When you make the solution, you should use tractor tire fluid capacity chart as your guidance. The downside of calcium chloride is its ability to corrode tractor’s wheels. It will take amount of money to replace rusted wheels, so you better think carefully before you use calcium chloride as tractor tire fluid.

Tractor Tire Fluid Capacity Chart

There are two types of antifreeze in the market, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. You have to know that ethylene glycol is much cheaper than propylene glycol, but it is very toxic for pets. Even tiny amount of ethylene glycol could kill your pets. If you have pets at home, consider to use propylene glycol for it is pet safe.

Windshield washer liquids

Windshield washer liquids are easy to get and they also resist freezing down to -32. Their prices are also affordable for farmers who have limited budget for tractor tire fluid.

Beet juice

Do you know new product of tractor tire fluid called Rim Guard? There are many good reviews about it. Surprisingly, the main compound of it is beet juice. Beet juice is not dangerous for home pets. It also resists from freezing down in low temperatures up to -35. The natural compounds of beet juice make it safe for your tires and wheels. You don’t have to worry anymore that your tires and wheels would be corroded. The downside from this product is the price. It has expensive price comparing to the other tractor tire fluids. For those who don’t have a problem with budget, it is recommended to use this product.

Polyurethane foam

With polyurethane foam, you don’t have to check the tire pressure often. However, you may need professional to help you filling the tire with the foam.

If you are serious to fill your tractor tires with fluids mentioned above, you should use tractor tire fluid capacity chart as your guidance how much fluid you can load into the tires. Most of industrially-manufactured tractor tire fluids provide the chart on their website or on their manual book. You also can get the chart easily in the internet.

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