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Tony Tires Montgomery AL is a trusted tire dealer where you can find tires for any vehicles you have. Tony Tires provides tires from any major brands, so that every car owners who live in and around Montgomery AL could select tires that fit their cars easily. Tony Tires provides tires with reasonable purchasing prices, but sometimes there are people who cannot afford to buy new tires because of its expensive prices. For those who have limited budget to buy new tires, used tires are their best solution. Tony Tires will give you some tips how to choose used tires. Have a look.

The depth of tire tread

Tire tread depth could tell you how much longer the tire’s life has left. For experienced mechanics, evaluate tire tread depth can be done by just looking at the tread, but for you who have limited experiences and knowledge about vehicle tires, it is recommended to use tire depth gauge.

Just so you know, the standard measurement of new tires’ tread depth is 10-12/32”. When you go buying used tires, 4/32” is the minimum measurement to select the right used tires. You should avoid tires with measurement tire depth less than 4/32” because the tires are too worn and will be bald very soon.

Use the gauge measurement as the basis when you negotiate the price. For example, if you see the tread has lost 50% of its depth, the price should be less than half retail prices.

Tony Tires Montgomery AL
The tire age

On tire sidewalls, you can see some printed codes. These codes represent the date when the tires was made. You can ask technicians in Tony Tires Montgomery AL how to read these codes. For your safety on the road, it is recommended to replace the tires every 5-6 years no matter how much the depth of tire tread.

Once you learned when the tires was made, you can calculate how long the life of tires still remain before the next replacement. Add the tire depth measurement and your driving habit to your calculation as the basis whether you should buy the tires or not.

The defects

Now you know how much the tire depth and its age, it is time to check the physical appearance. Look over the tires thoroughly to find any signs of wear such as patches, holes, bubbles, etc. All of those can affect how you feel when driving on the road. Ask warranty to your tire dealer if you see any signs of wear or if you see any signs of repair to the tires.

The brand and the original price

It is important to know how much the original retail prices of the tires you’ve been interested. That way you can negotiate the reasonable price with your dealer. It is also recommended to find out how the reviews from other users regarding the tire brands that make you interest.

If you are looking for used tires or new tires with affordable prices, you can visit Tony Tires Montgomery AL. They have various tires that will match your preference.

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