Tire Shops In Lexington, KY

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There is no denying that Lexington KY is the home to so many remarkable roadways, but if there is one thing that I am incredibly thankful for from my last road trip, it’s the fact that finding the best tire shops Lexington KY is, fortunately, not a difficult task. Last summer my best friend and I decided to go on a once in a lifetime road trip, we wanted to see the beauty of our country and thought that there was no better way to explore every mile of one state after another than driving from our home state. Our first destination was Kentucky.

It was a pretty smooth ride in the beginning and we were extremely excited. We had high expectation after reading so many rave reviews from fellow travellers who had ever explored the state. We did know not a lot of things from Lexington at the time, but we knew that the state housed not just one, but a lot of gorgeous scenic road ways – definitely a heaven on earth for those who are into road tripping, or so they say. We managed to drive down the Country Music Highway which ran from Ashland to Whitesburg – the scenic road was breathtaking! We travelled through the beautiful coal mining heritage which was incredibly stunning despite the fact that the road was a bit too mountainous to what we had expected. The problems started when my best friend, who was driving at the time, somehow lost control and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. We were relieved that we were safe, but then we realized it was because we had been driving on a dry rotted tire and the tire burst. Being two women with zero knowledge on this matter, we eventually decided to search for tire shops Lexington KY. At first we were skeptical about trusting search engine results when choosing for one tire shop – how would we know we had picked a reliable and highly experienced tire shop?

Luckily, this happened when we were in Lexington. At the time we were presented with a long list of tire shops in Lexington and despite our skepticism, we decided to pick one of them. They all had positive reviews and this was an emergency, we could not afford to be a cynic. In just a few minutes the service company came to do the job. The service was quick and out of this world. They also informed us of the importance of tire maintenance to avoid similar issue in the future. Fellow travellers often say that road trips can be extremely fun if you and your partner know where to go during your trip – this is right to an extent, my last road trip makes me realize that this wise statement does not only apply to the trail you are planning for your trip, but it also applies to places you must visit during emergency situation such as the tire shops Lexington KY when our apparently dry rotted tire burst in the middle of nowhere in Lexington.

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