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When it comes to that dreaded time of when we must get a set of replacement for our tires, there are so a lot of options to choose from – me for instance, there are quite a number of tire shops near my location. However, there are a few important factors for us to understand before we make our final decision on the matter. Factors such as the condition of our current tires, whether or not we must purchase all four tires to replace our worn out tires, and a few other things related to the issue at hand. The easiest shortcut is obviously taking our vehicle to the dealership and ask them to replace the worn out tires with the new original sets of tires. Although hassle-free and easy, this option is not necessarily the best option there is – especially for those who cannot afford to burn their life savings only to get new tires. Yes, you can rest easy at night because you do not have to worry about the dealership not being reliable or trustworthy, but this does come at a price.

Dealership is widely known to cost as much as twice more than the local tire shops near my location. For the average customer with limited budget like me, this alternative is undoubtedly a God-sent. Whether it be a pop-up establishment or a recognized nation-wide chain. Many people who are used to returning the vehicle to the dealership and let them do the job regardless of the hefty price tag may question the works and service of these chains and establishments. This should not be a surprise since we are all, at one point in our lives, guilty of believing the most expensive options must be the best option – and those that are even slightly cheaper are inferior. This is cannot be further from the truth.

I will admit that I used to think of that as well, however, an emergency situation forced me to make a quick decision and although at the time I was a bit skeptical, I now can gladly say that I am glad I decided to do what I did. Because only after that one emergency visit to a local tire shop chain did I find out that, although they do not bear the dealership label on their names, they are of the same quality in terms of products and service. Not only that, these local shops and pop-up establishments have a wide selection of high quality tires and other OEM spare parts, with a much affordable price tag! The services they offer are not that far off to that of the dealerships – from something as simple as oil change, to tires installment and tire maintenance such as repair, alignment, and last but not least tire rotation. It is also worth noting that tire shops near my location are noticeably more attentive to each of their customers – not only are they providing affordable services, they are also willing to help customers find the correct tires for their vehicles.

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