Bike With Huge Tires

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Riding a bike with huge tires becomes the latest trend. It looks cool to see the bike. Before following this latest trend, it will be good if you know the detail of this latest bike. Moreover, you also need to know first about why you should buy and ride this bike. After reading the following information, it hopes that you get wider overview and you can really sure to buy this huge tires bike.

The Different Between Bike with Huge Tires and an Ordinary Bike

The main different is of course about the use of bigger tires than the ordinary bike. In specific, bike with huge tires is using 3.8 inch or 97mm larger and 2.6 inch or 66mm rims wider. The type of the bike used is off road bike. Due to the size of the tire, this bike is used for low ground pressure, soft, and unstable terrains. Because of that you are able to ride this bike in snow, sand, bogs, and even mud.

The Reason to Buy a Bike with Huge Tires

There are several reasons why you have to buy a bike with huge tires. First, due to the function of the tire which has been explained above it means you can ride the bike no matter the weather. There is a case that you have to go to do something in snowy. It is not a problem if you have a bike with huge tires. Because of the size of the tire and the design, this bike is not easily slipped even in wet or asphalt roads. It is true that the weight is heavier than ordinary bike but it makes this bike strong and can stand against wind. As the result, you can still comfortable while riding your bike in such kind of unusual weather.

Bike with Huge Tires
Riding a bike with huge tires give you new riding experience. The design makes this bike has better grip and traction. This design is good to keep your comfort while riding along the hard and unstable terrains. There is also a reason why the huge tire is used. The size of the tire helps the bike to reduce the pressure. It helps you to run the pedal just like when you do it in the normal road. The lower pressure increases the comfort level of the riders. Interestingly, this bike is designed without suspension. Because of that, the bike absorbs shock and you can ride your bike comfortably. Of course, you still have to maintain your bike regularly. You don’t need to worry because it is easy to maintain. Even, you don’t need to spend extra money for the maintenance. A bike with huge tires doesn’t have too many parts so you don’t need to worry about the damage parts. It is also a good option for riders who want to do extreme sport. There is a case that you need more power when riding this bike. You have to hold the hand bar while running the pedal in hard terrains. It really treats your muscles.

So, what do you think about having a bike with huge tires? It is not a bad idea, right? Just buy it and start to feel new riding experience.

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