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A good tire give much contribution for drive control, fuel economy, and your comfort on the road. But it can be overwhelming to choose a tireamong hundreds of tires in the showroom. The easiest alternative is going straight to sales assistants and ask their advice for the best tires. If you live in San Tan Valley area, we recommend you to go to Big O Tires San Tan Valley. They have vast range of tires and qualified sales assistants to help you finding the tires that will fit your car perfectly. Of course, besides a recommendation of the best tires and auto service, we also give you few tips to buy tires so that you don’t waste your money and times. Here they are.

Check your tires

Tire price is not cheap, so don’t waste your money for new tires if the condition of the old ones is still good. Check the tires to see the sign of wear, for example, uneven tread wear, bulging tires, any discoloration, any cuts and any cracks on the tires surface. If your tires are more than 6 years, replace them immediately even if they look good and have no problem. It is because 6 years are the minimum times for replacing tires that is recommended by NHTSA.

Check your car

Misalignment and suspension issues can cause an extreme case of uneven tread wear. If these problems are not fixed, the new tires will become useless. In a short time, the tread will be uneven and worn down and you have to buy another new set again. Therefore, before you start shopping, it is much better if you go to trusted auto technicians and ask them to check your car. The technicians in Big O Tires San Tan Valley will give an honest opinion and won’t try to sell you tires or other car parts.

Big O Tires San Tan Valley
Check the owner’s manual and the information placard

Every manufactures will provide recommendation what types of tires and what size that fit to your car on the owner’s manual as well as on the information placard. The placard is permanently placed somewhere in your car. It could be on the door, on the glove compartment or inside the trunk lid. Manufacturers usually put the information on their website too. Bring that note to tire showrooms, so their sales assistants can give you few selections to choose.

Learn to read the tire codes

If you look at the tire sidewall, you’ll see some codes consist of few numbers and alphabets. These codes tell about the date of manufacture and anything you want to know about your tires. The sales assistant in a reputable tire showroom like Big O Tire San Tan Valley usually can decipher these codes easily. When they give you selections of tires, don’t hesitate to ask them the best features from each tires and how to read the codes on the sidewall. If necessary, write down their explanation. These codes will give you benefits when you do tiremaintenance later in the future.

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