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Big O Tires payment also offers the special credit card only for this vehicle store with interesting offer. This can be touted as the best way to pay for the tires and also the services. And you do not have to pay the interest if you can fully pay the bill only within 6 months in purchasing at least 250 US dollars on a transaction. But if you do not want to fully pay the bill within 6 month then the interest will be charged right from the purchase date to your account. Big O Tires credit card is useful and it gives you a lot of benefits.

By using the special credit card you can get the other benefits such as:

  • Rebates up to 50 US dollars with terms and conditions.
  • Offers of coupons that you can use in any store of Big O Tires.
  • Special options for financing.
  • Online account management for 24 hours in 7 days.
  • Customer service that will help you whenever you need assist.
  • And many more!

Tire rotation

Tire rotation is one of the services offered by the Big O Tires. Why should we rotate the tires? Well, tires are the only part that always works when you drive your car (besides your machine). It tends to be worn unevenly and it definitely needs good care. The tire rotation can be paid by credit card for Big O Tires payment too and you do not need to worry.

Big O Tires Payment
Since the tires are working every time you hit the road then it could get misalignment that leads to imbalance. Doing the tire rotation will really helpful in extending the life of vehicle’s tires. So, it is also a great idea to get them rotated every 6 months. Rotating the tires twice in a year will really help them to stay in the best performance, live longer, and save your money too. This issue gets really important when your vehicle is the front wheel drive.

If you drop by and choose the tire rotation treatment, the staff will do several things such as:

  • Removing all tires and checking them all one by one.
  • Checking the patterns of how you wear the tires.
  • Putting the tires back on the right place and make sure that the tire could be used evenly.
  • If it is necessary, the TPMS monitors will be reset as needed.

All of those things will be done by the staff and you just have to sit and wait until your vehicle is done and good to go.

The dangers of worn tires

There are also several dangers that will haunt you if you use the worn tires. Complete tire failure is really possible since you never know how the former tire owner used it. The hydroplaning could get more prone without you know it. The tire could get punctured really easy. There is also huge possibility about air leakage by using the worn tires. So, get the good tire and get the most suitable Big O Tires payment

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