35 Inch Tires For 18 Inch Rims

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The people who love automotive was not surprise with the word modification. Sometimes, the people can modify the body of the car such as: adding the sticker, adding the sound speaker, or change the colour of the car to look more futuristic. However, many people also modify the wheel of their car. Usually, when someone modified the tire, they were also modify the rims. In the world of car modification, tires and rims are two components that cannot be separated. The right size of tires and rims be able to influence on the appearance of the car to make it look more cool and elegant. In additional, it should make you comfortable while you are driving. Therefore , if you want to modify your tires and rims, it cannot done carelessly. When you put it on your car you have to thing carefully in order to not feel regret in the later.

The wheel manufactures recommended that a car can change the tires size without decrease the performance of car machine, but the addition should two levels above the standard size that is obtained. Sometimes, the car tires can be replaced the rims with four levels above the standard size. He explained that modify the bigger rim than the standard is needed bigger tires also. That requiremnt in order to the rims perfectly fit with the tires. For example, the standard of the car is 17 rims for the tire with thickness 40 inch. How about 35 inch tires for 18 inch rim? What is the advantages and the disadvantages for the car?. Here, we will give you advantages and disadvantages by using this tires

35 Inch Tires For 18 Inch Rims

The advantages using 35 inch tires for 18 inch rims

1.             The appearance of the car looks cool, elegant, strong, etc. Beside of it, a car that uses this tires make the car body is lifted and be able to pass streets with challenging areas.

2.             Using this tires will be able to increase braking performance. In additional, the duration of braking can be shorter for example if the standard tires takes 15 seconds , you will need 7 till 8 seconds by using this tire.

The disadvantages using 35 inch tires for 18 rims  

1.             By using this wheel, the engine has to work harder which caused the fuel wasteful. Sometimes this tire use material which is more heavy.

2.             Sometimes, 35 inch tires with 18 rims will keep the dimension of ring is still same. Unfortunately, it will cause the tire feel harder that usually. Therefore, the comfortable when you driving will be decrease. Even, the comfortable when driving only achieved until 70℅.

3.              This rims will make the tire ease to fail when turn. Even, when turn will be sounded the squeaking enough for your ears that makes you were worried if you car was broken.

Although, that wheel has many disadvantage than the advantages, but if you put it on the right size and handled by right mechanic will be decrease disadvantages. However, when modify a car is needed some factors and further consideration.

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