What Is A Tire Rotation

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Many car owners are now more and more aware of the importance of regular vehicle maintenance service as well as tire check up and maintenance service – however some of them are still at a loss as to what options they do have when it comes to tire maintenance and many of them wonder “what is a tire rotation service?” If you are one of those people who know the importance of taking a good care of your vehicle and tires, yet you are not sure what tire rotation service is and its importance, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about tire rotation.

What is a tire rotation? Before we go even further, for better understanding, we must first look into the issue of why this service is needed. Majority of engine in our vehicle is placed in the front side of the car, with the engine in the front, the front tires understandably bear more load than the back tires. The heavier front load, and the different rear axles are two reasons of uneven tire wear. Another factor that aggravates uneven tire wear is the stress the front tires have to endure due to steering and braking.

What Is A Tire Rotation
Uneven tire wear does not only affect the performance of your tires, but also how you handle your vehicle – should uneven tire wear go unnoticed and you keep driving it with no idea of how badly damaged your tires are, it may also affect your life as well. When your tires show uneven wear, it does not mean you must fork out your hard earned cash right there and then. We know how expensive new tires are, and depending on the condition of your uneven tires, you may very well have it salvaged and drive a few more miles with the tires

Regular tire rotation does not only help improve the performance of your tires, but also helps extend the lifespan of your tires as the tires experience all varieties of wear-pattern all thanks to being regularly moved to new position. Prolonged lifespan of your tires means you don’t have to buy new tires every so often. Vehicles with dual rear-wheels may benefit greatly from tire rotation.

There are a few common patterns of tire rotation, which one is more suitable for your vehicle may differ from others’ – owners are advised to check their own manual to see which pattern is recommended by the manufacturers. During the process of tire rotation, all of your wheels and tires are removed from your vehicle and then moved to their new position to give owners the reassurance that they will get the best out of their tires. This new position ensures your uneven tires will wear out evenly.

“How do I know if my tires need rotating?” is another common question after “what is a tire rotation?” While tires should all be rotated once every six months, not many know when they must start rotating their tires. However, many manufacturers advise car owners to start rotating their tires after 3,000 miles.


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