What Does Service Tire Monitor Mean

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If there are two questions that are often asked by new car owners with limited knowledge on vehicle, it’s “what do the numbers on tires mean?”and“ what does service tire monitor mean?” While at a glance it seems like both of those questions have no correlation whatsoever, the information gotten from the numbers printed on the sidewall of a tire may help car owners to do some troubleshooting if and when their service tire monitor went off. Before we dig deeper on the matter, let’s talk about what service tire monitor is and what it means when you get a message that says you must check your tire pressure.

So what does service tire monitor mean? Widely referred to as tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS, this electronic system is specifically designed to closely monitor the air pressure circulated inside a pneumatic tire regardless of the type of the vehicle. Working around the clock, this monitoring system gives the driver a real time information on tire pressure – typically done through a gauge, these days this monitoring system is also known to send the tire pressure information through a warning light or even a pictogram display.

What Does Service Tire Monitor Mean
Designed to effectively help drivers avoid poor fuel economy and traffic accidents due to an extremely under inflated tire or any other damaging tire condition that often goes by unnoticed, tire pressure monitoring system comes in two models – the indirect monitoring system which is referred to as iTPMS and direct monitoring system or dTPMS.

How does a service tire monitor works? How it works largely depends on the type of said monitoring system. A direct tire pressure monitoring system (dTPMS) works through series of components as follows:

· Analog digital converter
· Pressure sensor
· Micro-controller
· Oscillator
· System controller
· Low frequency receiver
· Radio-frequency transmitter

· Voltage regulator or any other battery management
The purpose of this tire pressure monitoring system is to alert drivers when the air pressure is deemed too low to the point it is deemed unsafe to drive on as tires in such condition may risk your safety. Although it largely depends on the vehicle, more often than not, when all of a sudden the light of your tire pressure monitoring system is illuminated, your tires can almost be guaranteed to be underinflated. The first thing you must do is stop driving and check the air pressure of each of your tires.

Now that you’ve known the answer to your “what does service tire monitor mean” question, it is worth noting that you must never depend on it too much. Simply because, no matter how good your tire pressure monitoring system is, it’s simply not an adequate tool to completely replace a proper tire pressure inspection and maintenance. It’s true that as a tool, a tire pressure monitoring system is great at giving you an alert in such situation, but keeping in mind how quickly it is for a pressure in your tire to drop way below the normal inflation mark – your tire pressure may drop even long before the monitor system alerts you.

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