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Not all of us are gifted with various valuable knowledge related to automotive, some of us only know how to operate our vehicle and the rest is learned along the way. Because we learn about our vehicle and its parts as we go along, very often we find ourselves being caught up in an automotive related trouble and tip-toeing around the matter. When it comes to tires, for instance.

When we find out our tires are no longer road-worthy and must be replaced with new ones, majority of us find ourselves wondering “what do tire sizes mean?” as we search for that new set of tires online – because whether you want to admit it or not, everything sold online is almost always more affordable compared to the ones sold in the counter. By getting yourself a good deal of high quality tires at an affordable price, you can just add installing fee and still save up a chunk of money compared to drive your car to the nearest auto maintenance service and have them replaced there.

what do tire sizes mean
However, the problem arises when you have no idea what those troublesome alphanumerical codes are. You’re not equipped with clear understanding on how to read, let alone comprehend the codes well enough to know if they are the proper fit. Don’t worry! As we are about to help you out with that.
So what do tire sizes mean? The size of a tire is always branded on the sidewall of said tire. You have seen the codes for yourself, the problem is you don’t know what they are. While it may seem like a nonsensical gibberish, it’s actually not.

Quite the contrary, the code has all of the information you need on said tire. The code consists of the intended purpose of the tire, load capacity, dimensions, and the durability of its high temperature or high speed. To understand the answer to your “what do the numbers on tires mean” question, let’s take this P225/50 R16 variation as an example.

What do tire sizes mean? Almost every tire size begins with one (or more) letter which helps you to identify the vehicle type it’s intended to or the type of service it is created for. In P225/50R16 variation, we can see P in the beginning of the code. When your tire size begins with a letter P, it’s meant to signify that the tire is intended for use strictly for tires of P-metric size or, in Layman’s term, passenger vehicle. As for the rest of 225/50 R16, check out below for the breakdown:

· 225 refers to the width of the tire in question, typically measured in millimeters from one side wall to another – this means the width is measured at 225 millimeters.
· 50, or any number after a slash mark refers to the aspect ratio of a tire. Meaning, the height of the tire in question is equal to 50% of its width.
· R16, R (meaning: radial) in this sequence refers to its construction. The number behind it refers to its wheel diameter – in this case, the diameter of this tire is 16”.

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