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If Tires Plus Dunn Ave asks you to pick one part of the car that ought to be taken proper care of and they never want to neglect even once in their lives, majority of people will most likely pick either battery systems or engine – maybe only a few of them or no one at all would choose tires. Yes, tires are indeed often overlooked for numerous reasons.

They seem to be placed so far down on the list of both maintenance and priority. Truth of the matter is, everyone seems to know the importance of taking care of their vehicles, but not all of them know that tires are included in the equation as well. Every part of your vehicle serves its own purpose, though they differ from each other by nature, they all work together to transform energy to movement and get you from point A to point B. While there is no denying that a well-preserved engine and top notch battery system go a long way, if one or more of your tires were badly damaged, your vehicle would be as useful as a rock in the bottom of a river – your vehicle would not be able to get you anywhere.

Tires Plus Dunn Ave
Majority of people think their tires do not need special maintenance – as long as they fill their tires with air when they need it, then everything is okay. Some of them even drive on dry-rotted tires which is extremely dangerous as tires with dry rot lose air pressure quickly and they may crack open and burst when they generate heat during use. Dry rot is not the only threat that may come from tire neglect, which is the reason why manufacturers strongly advise regular tire maintenance such as periodic pressure inspection, tire rotation, and realignment. Those who own a car and have gone for maintenance and repair may know the difficulty of finding a trusty car service, but now that you are here, your search is over.

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Tires Plus Dunn Ave is undoubtedly the leading auto maintenance service. Not only providing tire maintenance service, it also provides various services such as oil change service, transmission service to help you prevent expensive repairs, tune up service, air conditioning service, vehicle inspection service, and radiator service. With their “Maintain your vehicle, and it’ll reward you” slogan, they are committed to giving you the best service possible while at the same time ensuring you, as the car owner, to get the best deal possible with their offers and promotions.

From $15 off for oil change service, to a large discount for a set of 4 new tires from Bridgestone Dueler – saving money, while at the same time giving your car the service it needs, is not impossible when you go to their 1332 Dunn Ave Jacksonville Florida location. It does not matter whether you need new tires, maintenance or complete repairs – Tires Plus Dunn Ave can handle all of your and your vehicle needs with a guarantee that they won’t break your bank.

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