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Who doesn’t like tire swing? Even the old ones still like playing on the tire swing. Now, you don’t have to waste your energy and materials to create tire swing. Tire swing Home Depot is available in Home Depot stores near you. It is easy to install and in short moment you’ll get the tire swing like you grew up with.

Tire swing Home Depot is horizontal type swing. It can accommodate four small children sitting on tire. This swing is for private use only. When you are thinking to buy this tire swing, you should consider other factors such as:

The size of the yard

It is strongly recommended to come to the store in person to know the real size of tire swing. It is not wrong to buy tire swing via online, but a note for you, the internet photo may give you false idea of the tire swing size. Measure your backyard from fence to fence. Take a note of other features in the backyard such as patio, barbeque pits, etc. which surrounded the allocated place of tire swing. You’ll get the idea how long the swing chains should be for the tire swinging properly.

Read reviews

The reviews from previous customers are important to know whether the chosen tire swing is qualified or not. Because of current modern technologies, the customer reviews are only clicks away. Since the reviews in the official website may consist only positive reviews, you might want to see other sources that contain the pros and cons of the chosen tire swing.

Understand the safety guidelines

Parents should be proactive finding out the safety guidelines for tire swing. Every industrially swing manufacturers are required to give safety recommendation for their products, but these safety recommendation may not meet the standard safety guidelines. Thus, it is up to parents to be proactive protecting their children from accidental injuries.

Consider professional help

Tire swing Home Depot include the mounting hardware in its package. If you don’t have confidence or the correct tools to mount the tire swing, it is strongly advised to consider professional installing the swing. Your children safety depends on how good the installation is.

Consider the landing spot

Before the tire swing is coming, you should consider to add additional safeguard such as landing spot. You might want to add sand or pea grass on the areas where your children are likely to fall.

Horizontal tire swing like Home Depot offered tend to collect rainwater which attracts mosquitos or other insects to make nest inside the tire. You may need to drill few holes to let the rainwater drain out of the tire.

Tire swing Home Depot is available in each store branches and also via online. The materials are safety and have meet American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) safety standards. It can accommodate the weight up to 250 pound. The tire swing Home Depot is sturdy, fun to play, and it is expected to be last for long times.

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