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Tire stretching is a method to stretch tire which is too small for particular wheel rim. In other words, the customer wants to fit a tire into a much wider rim which is not included in the recommended size of proper rim. For those who want to lower their car usually are looking for tire stretch guide. Most tire experts do not like tire stretching because it can cause premature tire tread wear. So, the question is whether tire stretching is safe or not.

Some people said that tire stretching is not safe and the tire companies are absolutely disapprove about it. While the others believed that tire stretching is relatively safe. Let’s see the reasons behind these two arguments.

People who argued against tire stretching said that each tires is designed specifically to particular rim. The load bearing walls of the tire is made in certain degree from the rim. Tire stretching tends to change the load bearing walls less than the recommended degree. It makes the tire get extra stress and strain and eventually cause quick irregular tire tread wear. Stretched tire also has the risk of getting pop off the rim when it lose tire pressure. A note for you, narrower tire reduce the grip and traction. So, you will not have warranty that the speed rating of stretched tire will be similar with the proper fitted tire.

Tire Stretch Guide
People who approve the tire stretch guide believed that as long as the tire pressures were maintained, there would be no risk of getting pop off the rim for stretched tires. They believed that the car loads were borne on a bubble of air not the wall of tires. So, it is safe to stretch the tire to certain degrees. Besides, tire stretching makes the car look cool and attract the attentions more to the wheel.

This is how to stretch tire by yourself. All you need include tire, rim, brake grease, compressed air canister, and tire nozzle.

  • Mount the tire on the rim and make sure all the tire walls are inside of the rim edges. If necessary use tire iron. It will much easier if you use a tire mounting machine.
  • Apply the brake grease in liberal fashion around the rim and the tire walls.
  • Connect the compressed air canister hose to tire nozzle. Release the compressed air blast into the tire walls. The blast will make the tire walls flap out and create the seal with the rim.
  • Use the compressed air canister to inflate the tire to tighten the seal between the tire and the rim.

Another thing you must consider before stretching tire is the reaction of insurance company. Insurance company must give you approval for each modification you’re intending to do, or else you lose the right to claim the policy.

Check the tire specification first to make sure you don’t stretch the tire too extreme. Though it looks easy (if you see the tire stretch guide tutorial video in internet) it is recommended to use the professional helps for stretching your tire.

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