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Tire industry registration center is the place where all tire customers can register their tires whether they are tire dealers, tiremanufacturers, and tire consumers. By registering the tires, tire manufacturers can easily contact you if they recall all their tire products because of safety reasons. Tire dealers, tire manufacturers, and tire consumers have different forms to fill. You can register your tires via tiredealers or via online.

Why should we register our tires?

Registering the tires is government mandatory to make sure that your car and the passengers are safe on the road. Every buyers are strongly encouraged to register their tires once they completed their tire purchase. By registering the tires, you can get direct notifications from tiremanufacturers just in case there are safety-related tire recalls.

When you go purchasing new tires, ask your dealers whether they provide automatic tire registration. Some dealers do not facilitate automatic tire registration or willing to register your tires. It is better you ask them before you select the tires. That way you can save your times and find other tire dealers unless you don’t have a problem registering the tires by yourself.

How to do tire registration

It is under Federal law that every tire dealers must provide tire registration form for their customers or they register the tires for your behalf. It is your right to get your tires registered. If your dealers do not provide the form or too lazy to register your tires, walk away from them. How can you be so sure the tires they sold are safe on the road if they are not willing to register your tires?

Tire Industry Registration Center
When tire manufacturers do safety-related tires recalls, they will send notifications to their customers based on the registration list. Therefore, your safety on the road can be compromised if your tires are not in tire industry registration center database.

When you buy new tires, tire dealers usually will give registration card or form that you should fill in with your complete personal details. Make sure you write your name, address, and contact numbers clearly. Then your dealers will send it to the manufacturers.

If you want to register the tires by yourself, first find the Department of Transportation (DOT) number of your tires. DOT number is printed ontire sidewalls. The 10-12 numbers or characters after the DOT mark is your DOT number. The numbers tells about the location where yourtires are manufactured, the size, the pattern, the brands, and the manufacturing dates.

After finding the DOT number then go to manufacturers’ website and find the tab to register your tires. Fill the form and your job is done.

Registering the tire may look simple, but the consequence is too big if you neglect to do it. For new tires, there are tire dealers who are responsible to register your new tires. But for used tires, it is your responsibility to register the tires by yourself. For further information, calltire industry registration center.

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