Tire Discounters Walton Kentucky

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Tire Discounters Walton Kentucky is one of the best tire dealers in town. Tire Discounters is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was established 40 years ago, so there is no argument that they know their business very well. They have high standards for business. They have qualified mechanics along with high-tech machines to do all the car maintenance services. They offer many kinds of tires from any major brands because they know every customers have distinguish preference for tires.

Chip Wood the owner who is also the founder established Tire Discounters in 1976. He built the first store with only one bay for servicing. Now he has more than 100 stores all around United States with 6-10 bays per stores, and he is still the leader of all Tire Discounters stores.

He always use industry-leading innovations for all his stores because he want the best for his customers. To guarantee the best technicians, he created a 40,000 square/feet training facilities in Sharonville Ohio. He has more than 200 technicians and all of them are ASE-certified. You can rest assure that his technicians know what they should do for your car maintenance. You can ask them some questions maybe how to read codes on tire sidewalls or how to identify weary tires. They will give you advices and tips, so that you can monitor your car by yourself.

Tire Discounters Walton Kentucky
Tire Discounters Walton Kentucky have tremendous selections of tires. They have more than 250,000 tires in their stock ready for installation any time. If you have preference of any kind of tire brands, you name it, they will give it you. They also use computerized service equipment which is essential for wheel alignment. Without computerized equipment, technicians won’t know for sure the right angles for the alignment.

Your old tires and oil (if you come to replace the oil) will be recycled for better use. Don’t worry they use lead free wheel weights too. They provide clean and comfortable waiting room with free WiFi, so you can still connect with your friends while you’re waiting for your car.

Tire Discounters is a top notch tire dealer and automotive repairs and service. Even Citybeat Magazine rate Tire Discounters the number onetire dealer in Cincinnati last year. They also have few other awards which means Tire Discounters is the best tire dealer and automotive repairs and service you can count on.

If you live in Midwest areas or, currently, you are in Midwest areas, you can find Tire Discounters stores easily. For those who live in and around Walton Kentucky, Tire Discounters is located at 715 Chestnut Dr. Walton KY 41094.

Car maintenance is essential, so that your car keep running for another years later. Some car maintenance can be done by yourself, but the other maintenance need professionals to be done. Don’t go to random automotive repairs and service because you don’t know for sure how their service quality. Tire Discounters Walton Kentucky is the best tire dealer and automotive repairs and service for Walton areas.

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