Tire Age Law

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The tire age law and chronology can be found on the side tare wall. You can know it by checking the character of DOT symbol. The four last digits identify the date of tire making for the closer weeks. Two first from those four digits will identify the making week of the tire starting from 01 to 53. The two last digits identify a making year, for example, tire information with DOT xxxxx2616. It means that it is produced on the 26 weeks in 2016.

What Will Happen to Tire Age Law?

The comparison of tire age law made of rubber looks interesting to reveal. If you take rubber tire product, you can check it soon. Basically, the rubber tire has a chance to develop the tire quality time by time. It may appear in the market with broken tire causing your driving unsafe. Every tire product is not longer durable to the age. The tire has its age for being used. It is claimed to be unable to reach the high distance. It is caused that chemical substances like anti ozinant are built in rubber getting blocked the tire age process. But, it doesn’t stop the time effects of the rubber.

How Long Does Tire Age Law End?

Tire Age Law
Tire age law has its age standard. It has no talk about the tire age because it has no special guidance for a certain tire product. The car makers let customers know to change tire for every six years after the tire production date. This is a common period of tire changing. But, some tire products provide 10 years after tire production tire as long as you can get inspection of annual tire after the fifth year. There are no ways to place dates when your tire gets affected by heat, storage, dramatic conditions, and weather that can reduce the age of your tire. Heat makes the tire have faster age. It means that you need to change tire more often depending to the cold weather.

Storage is applicable to reserving tire and tire kept in store. You need to consider the reserving tire for being installed in the vehicle. This should have a great condition and quality. A tire is not set and displayed only in the tire store getting age slowly after it is put in the vehicle services. The using condition refers to the ways on how to treat the tire. When you treat it well, it will have longer age and usage. Stay to give a qualified treatment for your tire.

How to Determine Tire Age Law

Tire side has full of numbers and letters. Those have certain meaning. However, to define and describe it, it can be a huge challenge. You should know on how to read it in order to determine the real tire age law. The tire is made of after 2000 having four digit codes. Two first numbers represent the week of tire making. The second represents year of making. The DOT number is designed to be easy readable for customers to recognize tire age law.

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