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Ruckis Tire is the best tire shop in and around Holyoke, Massachusetts. It also provides car maintenance and service with specialization for passenger cars and light trucks. They have high skilled auto mechanics and high quality equipment. All of those will guarantee your car to keep running for longer times. Seeing its name, Ruckis Tire, you know that they are specialized in tire services. Here are tire services that Ruckis Tire provide in their shops.

What are tire services?

Tires are the important part of the car. Almost all the systems in the car are connected to the tires, for examples, driving, braking, and steering. Therefore, as the car owner, you should maintain your tires regularly, checking the tread wear, the tire pressure, or if there is any punctured on the tires. Weary tires affect the performance of your car, its gas mileage, and, of course, your ride comfort. Ruckis Tires mechanics can help you to learn anything you should know about tire services and maintenance. They also can help you how to read the number codes on tire sidewall, how to schedule times for replacing the old tires, and how to select the right tires for the right prices for your car. Tire services in Ruckis Tires include:

Ruckis Tire
Computerized wheel balancing services

This service has a purpose to identify weight distribution within an assembly of tires and wheels. The weight distribution between tires and wheels should be in equal amount, so that the air inside the tires is spread evenly throughout the area. When your tires have even amount of air, the wheels would have a perfect circular shape. Thus, your drive will be comfortable and smoothly. The proportionate weight distribution will get imbalance after a long time used. Computerized wheel balancing services will bring back the weight balance to manufacturers’ recommended specification.

Tire purchase & installation services

After long time used, someday your tires will be worn and should be replaced to the new ones. Your safety on the road will be compromised if you insist driving on weary tires. You also should match the tires with your car needs. For examples, if you often drives on the slippery roads, you might want to change your tires with a better traction. You also might want to change your tires with high-load tires if your car often tows heavy weight. Ruckis Tires’ staffs would not give you random advice of tire options. They will ask you about your driving habits, your conditions and situations before they give you recommendation that fit your car needs.

Tire rotation services

Each tire of your vehicle doesn’t get equal amount of stress. For example, the front tires often show the signs of wear faster than the rear tires because they have to support a heavy weight engine. Therefore, tire rotation is recommended to be done regularly or else you get uneven tread wear. Auto technicians usually would swap the front tires with the rear tires, or swap the tires using certain rotation pattern. If you are in Holyoke, Massachusetts come and visit Ruckis Tires shop to rotate your tires.

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