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For those who live in Lubbock TX and currently are looking for the right tires with the right prices for the car, SUV, and truck, you should come to Ricks Tires Lubbock TX. They have wide range of tires for various kinds of car, SUV, and truck. Their auto technicians are licensed and qualified for tire installation of every types of vehicle. In fact, tire is their specialization. So, if you want to buy tires and install them to your vehicle, or maybe you are looking for custom wheels and rims, then Ricks Tires is the perfect choice for you. They even have mobile tireservice that provides home tire installment for your convenience.

Mobile tire service

Mobile tire service is a new service from Ricks Tires Lubbock TX. Now, a customer won’t have to come to the shop to buy tire and take a queue for installment, Ricks Tires technicians themselves who will come to customer’s house and install, mound, and balance the new tires. How convenience that is. It can save your times and energy. You can finish your job at home and play with your children while Rick Tirestechnicians do their job. For those who live in remote area and who have to take a rough journey to go into town for tire installment, mobile tireservice is the best service for them. Rick Tires’ mobile tire service can come to any place their client are in, for examples, the office, the mall, or the school.

Ricks Tires Lubbock TX
Rick Tire mobile trucks bring tires from all major brands that can fit to any cars, SUVs, and trucks. Don’t worry about the price because thetires’ prices offered by Ricks Tires Lubbock TX are reasonable with additional guarantees of high skilled services. Each mobile tire services are provided by the high-quality tire equipment. Their mounting equipment is really in top notch with special mounting head. It guarantees the new tires are free from damage and there are no metal to metal contact when new tires are mounted. Their fleet trucks have great balance machine that can balance the new tires in high speed and dynamic procedure. Therefore, your car will run smoothly for a long time.

If you want Ricks Tires mobile tire service coming to your place, you should call Ricks Tires contact number or visit their websites to arrange service appointment. Their technicians then will come to your place bringing special tools for installing the new tires, maintaining wheels and rims, and inflating the new tires to the right tire pressure. Your old tires then will be recycled for a better use.

Rick Tires is the best tire retails and auto services in Lubbock Texas. It is also the best mobile tire company. They have certified technicians who can answer your questions and provide advice regarding tires that fit your budget need and your car specification. If you are local of Lubbock Texas or maybe visiting Lubbock, you can come to Ricks Tire Lubbock TX to get any types of tires and any kinds of auto services.

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