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A car is not an item that we can buy or discard easily. Even for a second car, it takes amount of money to get the car into our possession. That is why we shouldn’t neglect its maintenance. Ramonas Tires is a tire shop that also provides various kinds of automotive services. Ramonas Tires has 16 shops which spread widely throughout Beaumont, Indio, and Hemet, California. It has a commitment to provide high quality services for automotive and tires.

Ramonas Tires has seen clients with different car problems. Some problems are severe, and the other are easy to handle. For car owners, it is important to always do regular maintenance which have been outlined in the owner’s manual. This maintenance can help owner to identify potential problems before they become nuisance and make your car stop running. Ramonas Tires can help car owners do car maintenance such as:

Ramonas Tires
Changing oil

Oil keeps the car and its engine move smoothly. It is recommended to change oil within service intervals that are suggested in the owner’s manual. Every manufacturers would give recommendation what kind of oil that fit for their vehicles. Gas mileage can be improved by 1-2% if you use the right oil. The technicians in Ramona Tires can advise you for the alternatives when you don’t get the manufacturer’s recommended oil for your car.

Checking transmission fluids

Besides the oil, transmission fluids need to be checked too. The maintenance schedule is also outlined in the owner’s manual as well as the manufacturer’s recommendation fluids type and viscosity. Transmission fluids are the ones that lubricate the gears, so that the gears can shift smoothly without having unusual noises or sluggish movement.

Battery replacement

Car battery life is not predictable. It can fail suddenly without giving any warnings before dying. Ramona Tires’ technicians can help you checking your car battery and providing you battery replacement if you needed.

Changing brake fluid

If you hear strange noises when you step on the brakes, it may indicate that your car needs brake fluid changing. It is recommended to change brake fluid at least once a year. Not only brake fluids, your car also need to change power steer fluid and coolant. You better check the owner’s manual to find out the service interval schedule.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is a procedure to realign wheels to the right tracks. Wheel alignment is needed if you feel your car pulled to one side when you drive. It usually happens after bumping something on the road. Wheel alignment is necessary because the misalign wheels tend to cause tire wear. To do wheel alignment, it needs computer to detect the right angle of alignment.

Car maintenance is important because your safety and your passengers’ safety depend on the vehicle performance. If your car vehicle gets poor maintenance, you and your passengers will have higher risk of getting an accident. Visit Ramonas Tires now to get high quality services from their technicians or contact them online to schedule your car maintenance.

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