Nitto Tires With White Lettering

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During some years, the white traditional logo had been found on the wider profile tires that become the point of customize in the car scene. The tire stencil also allowing the user to paint the logo r name from the tire’s manufacturer in along of tire’s side using the white color or the other color as you wish as well. The more peoples use the stencil and give the letter on their tire, this is also make some manufactures to create the tires with lettering in some colors.

One of them that you can try is Nitto tires with white lettering for your best option. You can choose the NITTO NT555 with the design of peel and stick with the styles of raised robber lettering. You also able to get the custom design as you wish. When you order this NITTO NT555, you also able to select the color and style that you want to get. This is also including of text that you would like to occur for maximum 12 characters. Do not forget to mention your rim and tire size to ensure that you get accurate measure and get the best fit in your tires. Nitto tires with white lettering may be your supporting decoration for whole of your car look. However, this is also makes your vehicle look more sport than ever.

Nitto Tires with White Lettering
This lettering sticker is made from the rubber which adheres with the tire’s side and using the adhesive bottle that had supplied. This is not similar with the conventional tire stencils, and you should install in right way. You may wonder how to apply this lettering sticker, so this is some tips which may become your alternative guide.

Firstly, you may need some equipment and collect everything that may need before you start. You will need:

– White lettering of NITTO NT5555

– Acetone

– The brake cleaner.

– Dish sop in sprat bottle.

– Decal adhesive.

– The shop rag.

Step 1: Rid off the grim.

You will need o clean your tire, no matter how they had new. This is prefer to rid off the grim.

Step 2: make it smoother.

You can use the fine sandpaper, rough up the surface to get the adhere as good as possible. You can use acetone to clear the grease and you can repeat until there is no grease at the surface.

Step 3: Stick it out.

You can apply the adhesive in the back of decal and spread out in the edges of your white lettering using the nozzle tip. Ensure that this adhesive was absolutely covering all of the back of decal to get the best result as well.

Step 4: give pressure.

You can press on the sidewall and give the pressure about 20-30 seconds from your own fingertips.

Step 5: Let it dry.

Let the decals around 5 minutes and remove the film of transfer. If possible you can rest the Nitto tires with white lettering around 1 hour before your wash it or drive your vehicle.

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