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Kumho Tires Macon GA is a high-performance tire. The company is creating a tire with a very innovative technology to consumers around the world. The company already has experience of more than 50 years. The company hails from South Korea and developed into one of the nine largest tire manufacturers in the world. The company will ensure your safety by creating the most qualified products. In September 1960 the company was called by Samyang Tire. Tire and automotive industry started in that year. The company only makes 20 tires per day.

The Korean government undertakes national reconstruction in the 60s. Kumho is also grappling with how to achieve the government’s objectives. The company gets the power of big business. These companies contribute by building a factory Songjung. In 1974, there is world oil crisis and difficult to obtain material. Kumho still managed to become the leader of the tire industry in Korea. In the ’80s there were the unstable political turmoil that makes the business environment becomes worse. Kumho can solve the problem. The company has been able to produce 50 million tires. Kumho is able to overcome these problems and become a global company today.

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Kumho Tires Macon GA is produced by using Esot technology. This technology does have a patent. This technology can make tire performance becomes more leverage and make braking ability becomes optimal. This technology also makes the tire to be comfortable to drive, safe, and improve steering. Another technology used in this tire is XRP. You can control the way well. Kumho Tires is the latest generation of revolutionary tire because the tire uses a special rubber compound that makes safety as a major factor.

This technology can also strengthen the side walls so that the structural tensions and deformation when the tire air pressure loss can be eliminated. These tires are available in various sizes that Ecsta SPT, Ecsta LX Platinum and Ecsta MX. Technology hereinafter referred to F3. It is the flagship technology of Kumho. This technology can make a tire with the design of high performance and sophisticated. This is a racing tire technology that makes more cost efficient.

This tire combines highly innovative technology and environmentally friendly. Kumho is always active in research to locate manufacturing techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly. These tires were using natural rubber which has been through a certain process that has a high elasticity. It produces less CO2 than other tires. These tires use silica treated well so that makes it very safe tire. The tire also uses a material with a base oil of natural resources. You can choose the type of radial tires with high performance for SUV vehicles.

These tires have an aspect ratio of 60 and has a speed rating of the tire H. is reliable for all seasons, but there are some tires that are not recommended for ice and snow. Tires with ultra technology have V speed ratings of tires have worked very well when it is in a street full of twists. Tires from Kumho have been trusted by many consumers that exist in the world because Kumho proven to produce tires with very sophisticated technology. You can drive comfortably and safely when using Kumho Tires Macon GA.

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