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Koffman Tire was founded in 1936 by Eva Koffman and Harry. The company is located Ohio. John joined the company in 1960. John is directed to a major expansion first. John has opened a wholesale division in 1968. John moved its headquarters to Atlanta from 1975 until today. Mark is a third generation Koffman who joined the business in 1984. Mark is responsible for the daily activities undertaken by the company. Tom Uang joined the organization to manage the wholesale operations in Florida in 1991. Koffman has made technical training centers and corporate facilities are very complete in Georgia in early 2003.

The company is always committed to serve customers. The company has selected over thousands of business partners to continue to serve customers with a good performance. The company is of the highest integrity in selling tires. All the staff has been joined by a company that has over 79 years experience. The company has undertaken the distribution in seven countries and has e-commerce. The company can perform daily deliveries to all customers of all the grocery stores because the company has 150 vehicles. The company is able to work effectively and efficiently to serve all existing customers worldwide.

Koffman Tire
One brand of tires sold by Koffman Tire is Toyo. Toyo tire was producing by highly innovative and suitable for a wide range of models and large vehicles. You can use these tires for minivans, luxury sedans, SUVs, and light trucks. Toyo can improve the driver respond when driving. These tires can provide excellent performance for racing or regular road conditions. Toyo was standing in the United States in 1966. The company aims to create a tire with high quality and can be used on commercial vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and cars. Toyo has been selling tires for more than 65 years all over the world. These tires have been believed to have a very good level of safety because the tires using the safety standards of the Rubber Manufacturers Association. These tires are manufactured with a particular technology called Runflat Technology so that you can drive the vehicle safely. This tire uses a synthetic material that is less than the other tires that do not harm the environment. These tires have a high durability.

Other tires sold in this store are Starfire. These tires can reduce noise. These tires are valuable because it can be used in a passenger car. Cooper Tire is using technology that can produce maximum performance. This tire is under the auspices of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. This tire is designed with serenity and comfort so that it can provide high performance. These tires have met the requirements of the department of transportation for road safety. This tire uses technology that can make your vehicle remains stable at high speeds. This tire has a durable construction. This is a premium tire technology with Cooper. This tire uses four straight grooves to drain the water. These tires are able to provide good handling and braking while driving a vehicle. It is one of the best tires sold by Koffman Tire.

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