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Kauffman Tires Lakeland is located at 5120 Dave Robbins Way, Lakeland, FL. They provide various services to repair any possible car problems not only the tires but also other systems in the car including tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Most people don’t have a knowledge about TPMS. What TPMS actually is and why it is important. That is why, we will give you an overview about it. Have a look.

What is TPMS?

TPMS is a system in a car to monitor whether the car has under inflated tires. You should pay a bit attention for this matter because under inflated tires can lead to a car accident. Because the under inflated accident reached substantial numbers, US law required every car manufacturers to equip their cars with TPMS. You can see the low pressure indicator on the dashboard panel. It will light yellow to alert you of low pressure tires. There are two types of TPMS, indirect and direct TPMS.

Indirect TPMS

Basically, indirect TPMS don’t measure the tire pressure like you did with a tire gauge. It measures the rates of your tires rotation. When it finds that the rotation speed is different from the usual speed, for example, faster than usual, it will send signal to alert you that you may have under inflated tires. Like Kauffman Tires Gainesville, Lakeland branch provide TPMS service too. Their technicians are licensed to do installation or programming maintenance of indirect tpms
The benefits of indirect TPMS are cheaper price and less maintenance requirement. But, they have downsides too. Indirect TPMS may give you inaccurate sign when you buy new tires with different size and when the tires start to wear and uneven. It also needs to reset every time you do tire rotation and/or inflation.

Direct TPMS

Direct TPMS monitor the pressure levels in each tires. The system is made from proprietary technology to provide specific data of tire pressure, so not many people have capability to install the system. It needs a qualified and licensed technician to replace and install it like technicians in Kauffman Tires Lakeland. Direct TPMS can do automatic resynchronization every time you do tire rotation and/or inflation. It gives you an accurate data. When the indicator light is on, your tires really are under inflated. However, direct TPMS is way too expensive than indirect TPMS, and it is hard to repair its battery. Once it drained, you have to replace the whole sensor. Actually, replacing the sensor is necessary after replacing the tires because the sensor is susceptible to damage and corrosion that may affect to pressure level reading.

When purchasing tires in Kauffman Tires, they will give you a new TPMS Rebuild Kits. The kits contain the component of sensors and other things for proper air pressure reading. TPMS kits will make sure your tires inflate last longer. As the result, your car will be more efficient in fuel consumption. Kauffman Tires Lakeland won’t ask you for additional installation cost. It is a free service from purchasing tires.

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