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A good auto repair & service should have a complete equipment for diagnosing advanced problems. One of car problems that needs a high tech machine is wheels misalignment. If there’s no an alignment computer, it will be hard for technicians to diagnose the specific alignment angles. Kauffman Tires Gainesville have professional mechanics who are highly trained and certified to repair the misalignment problem. It is located at 3545 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL. Before you go to Kauffman Tires, it is better for you to understand what tire alignment is, how to check the problem, and why it is matter. Have a look.

Tire alignment

When you have misalignment on the tires, you will feel hard to handle your car. It’s like your car pulling you to one direction. Sometimes you’ll feel vibration when you’re driving. Tire alignment not only include tires and wheels adjustment, but also the car’s suspension because they are one whole system that make the car move from one point to another.

Kauffman Tires Gainesville
Signs that tell you need a tire alignment

If you see any of these signs below, it is better for you to pop in Kauffman Tires Brandon or Gainesville and ask their auto technicians to check your alignment.

  • Uneven tread wear

Tread wear eventually will be worn down or get uneven, but the process to be uneven is gradually. If you find an extreme uneven tread wear, you can assume that you need tire alignment.

  • Car pulling to one direction

Even in driving straight, you will feel like your car pulling to one direction, to the left or the right. So, go check your alignment immediately.

  • Steering wheel is off center

Because your tires slightly turn into a specific angle, your steering wheel will slightly off center when you drive straight.

  • Vibrating steering wheel
    Misalignment will send vibration feedback to the steering wheel.

Problems in tire alignment

Technicians in Kauffman Tires Gainesville will check these three things to diagnose tire alignment.

  1. Camber. Camber misalignment can be seen clearly from the front of the vehicle. If you see your tires tilt inward or outward, it means your tires don’t align properly. Problems on the car’s suspension are often the main cause of camber misalignment.
  2. Toe. You can identify any toe misalignment when you see your car from above. If both front tires, for examples, tilt the same way, it is called toe-in alignment. But, if they tilt the opposite way, it is called toe-out alignment.
  3. Caster. Caster is the part of the wheels that balances the steering axis. To check caster misalignment, you have to see from the side of the car.

Why tire alignment is matter

Tire alignment can cause uneven tread wear. As the result, it compromise your tires traction on the road. It will be dangerous when you drive on the wet surface. Your car can slip into an accident. Make sure you check tire alignment regularly. Kauffman Tires Gainesville will give you one year warranty for their computerized tire alignment services.

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