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Having a car means you have to ready to take care of it. We’re talking about your safety on the road. If you don’t do any preventative maintenance, your car is no longer safe to drive. One of the most crucial part in the car is brake system. You should pay a little bit attention and maintain regular inspection on time for having the proper brake, of course, in the qualified auto services. Kauffman Tires Brandon is the best auto workshop for those car owners who are happened to be in and around Brandon, FL. It is located at 841 Lithia Pinecrest Rd in Hillsborough County, Brandon, FL. Kauffman Tires provide complete auto services including brake services. If you find these signs below, you better go to Kauffman Tires and ask their technicians to do the inspection.

Squeal sound

One of obvious indicators to check the brake system is the high-pitched squeal sound. This sound is emitted from the worn pads when they’re trying to squeeze the rotor. This sound is loud that you can hear it through the closed windows. You may need to replace the brake pads. Another sound that you might want to listen is a rough grinding sound. This sound is emitted when the metal of caliper grinds the rotor because of the brake pads’ poor job. If this condition gets prolong, the rotor’s surface will be damaged and it takes the amount of money to resurface or to replace the rotor.

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Worn pads

Brake system basically depends on the function of brake pads. When you step on brake pedal, a caliper will do the clamp and its pads will squeeze the rotor until it stops moving. Because of the continuous friction, the pads will wear down eventually. Therefore, it is important to check the thickness of brake pads regularly. You can inspect by yourself, but sometimes the wheel’s design doesn’t allow you to see the brake pads unless you remove the tires first. You can ask the technicians in Kauffman Tires Gainesville or Brandon to do the inspection.


If you feel vibration on the brake pedal you step on, maybe you have uneven rotor surfaces. The vibration is coming from the feedback friction of brake pads with uneven surfaces. The change shape of the rotor’s surfaces is caused by the extreme stress on the brakes for a long period or wheels misalignment. It is recommended to go to Kauffman Tires Brandon for diagnosing the problem.

Temperamental brake pedals

Problems on the brake system will send feedback to the pedal. For examples, worn pads and problems on hydraulic system can cause mushy feeling when you step on brake pedal. Uneven rotor and problems on brake fluids can heighten the sensitivity of pedal. Just a slightest touch will make your brakes grab hard. The obstruction on the brake system can cause the brake pedal difficult to operate that you have to push the pedal hard to the floor before the car finally stop.

All of those problems are dangerous for you as driver and for surrounding people. It is best to see a trusted auto technicians such asKauffman Tires Brandon when you notice one of signs above.

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