How To Tell If You Have A Flat Tire

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For the expert ones, there are probably some indicators how to tell if you have a flat tire. Undeniably, such a happening is really annoying. Mainly, it is when you must go to a certain place immediately. Sure, when you decide to buy a car and other kinds of vehicles, it is actually like a must for you to recognize some troubles that probably happen later. Tire is flat although it is closely with the leak, it probably cannot be known easily. Well, if you think you feel such things while driving your car, it means you have to check whether the tire is flat or not.

It Feels So Dragging

There is a condition when your tire is actually already flat but it is not too severe. People tend to claim that this condition is not a big deal or it is not really dangerous. Sure, it is actually a wrong perception. If you just let it be, it can be getting more terrible. Well, if you think the way your car move is not smooth or it is a little bit dragging, it is a time for you to go out and then check whether it is already flat or not. If you notice well, flat tire is actually clearly visible. It is even not bad if you may need to see it closer to make sure whether it is really already flat or not.

It feels not hard

When it is still difficult for you to conclude whether the tire is flat or not by only seeing it, you may touch it anyway. You may press it very carefully. When you think it i snot too hard or a little bit smooth and tender, it means that there is a leak or your tire is already flat. It is actually an ultimate way to know whether the tire is in a good condition or not. A good tire tends to be hard and firm that enables the car in general can run well. If there is your problem, you don’t have any other choices then. You have to go to the reparation and others so that your tire can find any help.

Try to solve it yourself

Actually, flat tire can be caused by many things. The most common one is that there is something that punching it so that it is being leaked. Sure, going to the tire repairs and others can be the best decision. However, you can actually try to solve this problem yourself. For this, it means you need to prepare some tools needed including the pump, water soap, and glue specially used for tire. The jack is also needed so that you can lift the car. Firstly, make sure you know the cause of flat tire by pouring the water soap. The bubbles concentrated in an area indicate that it is where the leak is. Next, you can pump your tire at first and then glue it. Lastly, pump the tire again until you think it is already in a good condition.

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