How To Tell If A Tire Is 10 Ply

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You may wonder how to tell if a tire is 10 ply. Yes, the tire is one of the spare parts of a vehicle which is very important undeniably. More than just making your vehicle can walk well; it also plays important roles regarding the safety and security. Based on that fact, it is a really important matter for the owners to be able to read the code of tire. It is not only about the safety for sure. If you know it well, you can find it easier if someday you need to change it. Before starting to discuss how to know that your tire is 10 ply or not, let’s talk about how to read the tire in general.

Decode the Tire’s Serial Number

Almost similar to the foods, your tire must have its own expired time as well. The standard is around 3 years starting from its production or when the car itself has been through distance around 60.000 km. Actually, the fabrication of each brand must have its own rule regarding the numbering the tire. However, generally, the serial number can be found near the rim. One of the examples is serial number of 1708 which means that it is produced in the seventeenth week of 2008. Sure, even though it is not related to the ply at all, it influences the performance of your cars. The ply itself is basically about the load to be carried inside. Even if the ply is already optimum, it is still risky when the tire is already expired.

The Difference between the Plies of Passenger and Truck Tires

For the tires commonly used for passengers’ cars, the tires are namely the load ranges. Meanwhile, the truck ranges are ascended in alphabetical order. When the alphabet used is getting higher, it means that the truck can carry more stuff. The load rating is actually the other name for ply rating. If you see the history, ply rating is firstly used before the concept of load range is applied. Both load ranges and ply ratings themselves are not counting the actual number. Meanwhile, the layers of ply are not used to acknowledge the internal structure of the tire but to measure the equivalent strength when it is compared the ply tires in early bias. The ratings themselves are starting from 2 and then it is continued by the next even numbers with 20 as the maximum rating. Today’s truck with more loading uses at least plies rating of 10 anyway.

When old trucks may let you to guess or count the ply ratings yourself, fortunately, it is much easier for you to know the ply rating of a tire is. Yes, it is basically already written on the tire. Sure, each brand and series may have different position. But yes, it is clearly stated there.When it is said that a tire with 10 ply rating, it doesn’t mean that there are really 10 plies on it. 10 ply rating is reflected that the truck is strong and capable enough to load more stuff than that with ply rating fewer than 10.

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