How To Stop A Tire From Leaking Around The Rim

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Stop a Tire from Leaking Around the Rim
Stop a Tire from Leaking Around the Rim

How to stop a tire from leaking around the rim – Having the tire of your car leaked must be something annoying. It is particularly if you have to reach a certain place fast. So, what should we do then? Of course, it is so lucky if you can find any tire repairman around. However, if you are not, you don’t have any other choices then except trying to repair it yourself. Actually, how to solve this problem is quite easy. Indeed, it is much better if you have already prepared some tools needed so that you should be confused when starting to patch the leak. Here are several steps that you should follow. Check them out.

Find Out the Leak

Sure, the first thing to do is finding out the leak. Unfortunately, it is not something easy to do when you are not experienced enough. Besides, it is important also to know what causes the leak. If it is only caused by the dirt, you will only need to clean it up using bubbles and then brush it until you think it is clear enough. The water soap and bubbles are also useful to test where the leak comes from. The bubbles will be reacted when they are around the leaked parts. Sure, it means you have to prepare a bottle of bubbles or water soap and then keep it in your car. Don’t forget to lift the car so that this method can be much easier to be done.

Pump the Tire

It seems that the most important tool you should have inside your car is the pump. You may pump the tire after finding out the leak until it is full. It is suggested to do it still by pouring the tire with bubbles to make sure if there are still other parts which are in troubles. You can sign the leak parts with marker or other things which are visible.

Glue the Tire

After the tire is pumped well, you should wash it until it is clean enough and then you may wipe it with dry towel. It is then a good time to glue the tire. Make sure you use glue which is indeed specially produced for tire and other hard rubber tools. You should not worry since this kind of glue can be simply found out there. When smearing the glue, you must ensure that it is absorbed well in the hole and it can be attached properly. You can use a tool like hard nail and other slim thing so that the glue can be entered well.

Pump it again

Well, you have to wait it for some minutes until the glue is dry and your tire looks attached. But your job is not stopped here. For the optimal result, you are suggested to pump your tire once more. When you think the condition is already good enough, it means the process is over and you can continue your trip. Check the condition of your tire while driving whether it is already comfortable or not.

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