How To Put Air In A Bike Tire

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how to put air in a bike tire maybe becomes the question which comes with very simple answer. However, there is no doubt that there are many people who do not have good enough understanding about the best way for putting the air in their bike tire. It is not the only issue about the bicycle rider. Many people also need to pay attention about the answer of how often should you check your tire pressure question. One thing for sure, people can make sure that inflating the tire can be done very easily but many of them will neglect this simple maintenance task. It is better for them to keep pumping up their tires before every ride especially after a week of inflating. Yes, the air will escape from the tire naturally.

Valve Checking

Even though inflating the bike tire should be very simple and easy thing to do, people can make sure that there are some steps which must be paid attention greatly. First of all, they have to check the valve. The bike can have the Schrader valve that is similar to the car tire valves. However, the bike can also have the Presta valve which is used often for bike tires and it has skinnier shape. This way, they will be able to adjust the bike pumps which come with double head for both valve types. People can also find the bike pump which comes with single smart head for accommodating both valve types.

How to Put Air in a Bike Tire

Next, people have to follow the steps for answering how to put air in a bike tire question. The tire must be rotated until the valve stem can be found on the bottom of the tires. This way, the pump hose will not get too much stress from pumping. The plastic cap which can be found on the valve must be removed and they can slide the pump head onto the valve stem. For locking it, the level should be pulled up. They can start pumping the bike tire. Different methods must be taken according to the pump types such as floor pump or hand pump. It is important for seating the tire properly when they try to inflate it. For removing the pump head, the lever should be pushed down and it can be slide off the valve. The brass cap or the valve cap must be tightened back. People also have to pay attention to the pressure for ensuring that the tire can give the optimum support for the bicycle movement.


All that people need to inflate their bike tire of course is the bike pump. However, after people get the answer of how to put air in a bike tire question, there is nothing wrong to understand more tips about inflating the bike tires. For road bikes with narrow tires as well as tubes, the air will escape naturally since inside the tires there will be extreme pressure. The bike tire can lose the pressure pretty much if it is allowed sit for around a week.

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