How Tall Is A 265 70R17 Tire?

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How tall is a 265 70R17 tire? Yes, it seems like simple and easy to answer question. However, many people asking about this subject, because they don’t know how to read those numbers. Actually, you can find those numbers and letter code on most of tires; of course they are different according to the type of tires. Now, for 265 70R17 tire, this is the code for truck tire. From this point, you should know how big or tall the tire is, don’t you? Yes, if we talk about truck tire, we talk about big size tire. But, that’s not the most important here. The most important is how we can find more about the tire size by using those codes.

So, how tall is a 265 70R17 tire? If you want to know it, you need to know the meaning of every part of the code. Actually, every number and letter in that code explains about the specification of the tire diameter, construction, and width and rim size. So, here is more detail explanation about every part of the code.

How Tall is a 265 70R17 Tire?
–       265

The number “265” here means width of your car tire. It’s measured in millimeter. Therefore, if it said “265” that means the car has width at 265 millimeters. Usually it will affect on how much space it need, so it can perfectly fit on your car.

–       70

“70” here means the aspect ratio of your car tire. It is measured in percentage. Therefore, “70” here your car tire has 70% aspect ratio or the width of your car tire from the edge of rim to tire’s head is 70% of its width. And, because this tire has 265 millimeter of width, with 70% aspect ratio, your car tires basically has sidewall height around 185 millimeters.

–       R

The letter “R” here means the code of the car tire construction. “R” means Radial, with specific patter like what you usually found on radial tire. Fortunately, the “R” code here is the common code that you can find on most of car tire today, as 99% of car tire use this type of construction. However, there are also other codes that you need to aware, which is “B” means Bias Belt and “D” means Diagonal. You may want to choose other type, if you want to use your car for different purpose.

–       17

The “17” here describe the diameter of the rims that can be used with this tire. “17” here means that it can be only used on 17 inch rims. So, you need to be careful, if you want to buy new car tires. Make sure you notice this small detail before you choose, so, you can get the right tires for your car.

Now, let’s go back to the first question. How tall is a 265 70R17 tire? The answer would be around 25 inches, if we count it by adding the car tire thickness and the rim size. So, make sure your car has this space before you use this type of tires.

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