How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?

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How often should you check your tire pressure? This is actually simple question and most of people neglected this matter. Most of car owner only check their tire pressure, when they see that there is physical change on their car tires. For example, they did this, only when their car tires seem like is going to change into flatter type because it runs out the air. This isn’t wrong, because when you see that physical change, you need to change your tire or add more air pressure. However, the tire pressure doesn’t always affect the physical appearance of your car tires. And, when your car tires losing the pressure, there are many things that can happen, from the tires surface will wear down to you won’t be able to stabilize your car when you drive it. More than that, your car also can lose its fuel efficiency. If this happen, you will need more fuel, which means more money to spend and more pollutions your car produce.

So, how often should you check your tire pressure? You can use the information from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to their research, you should check it once every month. More than that, it’s also good thing, if you check it directly, whenever you want to use your car. Check the visual appearance of your car tires. You also can touch and try to press it with your hand to know the hardness of your car. Or, you can use the pressure gauge to check it easily. You can find this tool at local hardware store. If you think this is too troublesome, you can always use the once every month rule that mentioned above. This is at least much easier to do.

How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?
However, there are also other things that can affect how often should you check your tire pressure is. For example, if you use your car lot on rough road surface, you should check it a lot after you drive your car. There is bigger chance that your car tires run over sharp object or rock that can damage its surface and even the inside. Moreover, the temperature also can affect your car tire pressure. For example, if you drive your car, your tire will warm up, because the traction with the road. And, if you live or drive in the area with low temperature or when it’s winter, there will be fast temperature change. The car tires material can affected by this condition which can produce small crack or hole that can lowering your car tires pressure. So, check whenever you have chance in this kind of driving condition.

Basically, you need to do it as you’re routine. Checking your car tires pressure can give you more benefits. More than that, by checking your car tires pressure, you also can find more about how often do tires need to be replaced.  That way you can avoid many dangerous and accident that is caused by your car tires error or damage in the future.

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