How Often Do Tires Need To Be Replaced

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How often do tires need to be replaced is actually pretty tricky question to answer. The reason is there are many factors that affect how frequent you have to do that. Even though some of car tires manufacturer and car brand recommend specific time to do this, in most case, you have to look at the circumstances. There is case when you even have to change your tire twice a month because there was accident that damages your tire. Or, you don’t even need to change it for long time, because you don’t use your car that much. But, we can consider few of these factors to know how often we have to change our car tires.

The Mileages

How many miles before changing tires? Actually, there is information about this matter. Most of tires will be able to hold for around 25,000 to 50,000 miles, before you have to change it. If you use your car as much as those numbers, the car tires pattern and structure will be wore out. And, if you don’t change your tires, it will lose its traction, which can be very dangerous for you. However, that was only average number for most of tires. Some of tires have different specification and instruction that you can follow to know how often you need to change it.

How Often Do Tires Need to be Replaced
Your Driving Habits

Actually, driving habit is also affected how often do tires need to be replaced is. If you like to drive your car in high speed or making sharp turn and fast corner, there is higher chance that your car tires will wear out pretty fast. More than that, the road surfaces that your car usually run on also has important effect. Rough road surface will mostly wear tires down quickly. And, the last one is how much weight you usually carry when you drive your car. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you should check your tires pressure every month. This will give you information about how much work that your car tires did for the past month. If all of your car tires don’t have about the same air pressure, one of more of your car tires will get more pressure from the car weight and stuff you carry. It will wear down your car tires. NHTSA also recommend according to this information to change your car tires once every six years.


Of course, if your car tires got some damage, you need to replace it. Slash or crack on your car tires can cause more serious problem in the future, which lead to more dangerous situation. Of course, you need to let your mechanic check it to make sure that is dangerous damage or not.

Some people actually did car tire rotation, where you change the front with rear tires and vice versa. This is actually great move to spread the pressure evenly. However, you can’t use this method on some car, where usually, the car use wider rear tires to give more speed. If this you experience, you may need to use tips above to know how often tires need to be replaced.

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