How Often Are You Supposed To Rotate Your Tires

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How often are you supposed to rotate your tires? Maybe this is like a simple question. However, this is actually important thing to do. Rotating your tire will help you to avoid many dangerous situations. Some of people don’t know the importance of this simple thing. So, here are some of explanations about rotating the tire.

What Is Rotating Tire Means?

Basically, it’s not spin your tire around. However, it’s more changing between front and rear tires. This is actually important, because it can make the wear on your tires spread evenly. As we all know, most of car place the engine, the heaviest part of car, in the front side. Therefore, the front tires hold more weight than the rear tires. This make the front tires wear out even faster than rear. If you let this condition for long time, there is a time when the front tire loses its grip. If this happen there is bigger chance you will get some accident that involving the tire, like tire slip and such. Therefore, rotating your tire is important here.

More than that, by rotating the tire, you also can save more money. You can make your tire last longer and you don’t need to change it with new one too often. If you do not rotating the tire, you may have to change the front tire many times.

 How Often are You Supposed to Rotate Your Tires
How Often?

Now, the important question is how often are you supposed to rotate your tires? Actually, there are several things that you can use as indicator when you should rotate your tires. First is the annual mileage. If you drive more, you need to rotate your tires more often. Or, at least, you can do it at the same time when you change your car oil. For example, if you change your car oil after 10,000 miles or once a year, you also can use that time to rotate your tire. However, some of car tires manufacturer recommend their customer to rotate their tires every 7,500 miles. So, we can say this is the right limit when you should rotate your car tires. However, if your mileage driving is fewer than 7,500 miles, you don’t need to change it once a year.

The other indicator that you can use is your car and tires models. Some of car and tires models have its specific schedule for this tire rotation stuff and treatment. If you found that yours also has one, follow it to make sure you get the optimal performance from them. To rotate your tire, you don’t need to go to car dealership. You can ask for help to repair shop for only $30, both rotate and change your oil. Or, if you have the tool at your house, you can do it by yourself.  Basically, rotating your tires is important. This will keep you safe, you also can get comfortable drive and you can save more money for tires. And, that was the answer for how often are you supposed to rotate your tires.

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