How Many Miles Before Changing Tires

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As a car owner, there are many information about tire that you should know, such as what type of spare tire you should bring or how many miles before changing tires. The condition of thin line can be a very determining factor in your safety while you are driving so you should not take this lightly. Paying attention to the life span of your tire is very important, but that is not the only thing that you have to know. To make sure you will never have to face emergency situation because of the tire, here are some things that you should know.

How Many Miles Can Tires Be Used?

So, the first thing we should know is how many miles are tires good for? Regular tire that comes with your car is made for last and the automaker will make sure of that. However, no matter how strong or durable it is, it is not something that will last until the end of time. There will come a time when you finally have to change all four of the tires. Most tires will be in good condition for about three to four years or 40,000 in miles. However, it is possible that some tires can last longer than that while in some other cases, you need to change the tires before three years. There is no exact method to find out how long a tire will last since it can depend on various factors.

How Many Miles Before Changing Tires
Factors that Can Affect Tire Life Span

Now that you know how many miles before changing tires, you also need to find out the factors that can affect the life span of a tire. Just like what have been mentioned above, there are cases where you will need to change the tires before three to four years or 40,000 miles. One of them is the roads where the car is driven. If the terrain is rough, the tire definitely will need to be replaced more often compared to cars that only move in smooth highways. In addition, your driving style can also affect the life span. Beginner drivers who still cannot control their cars properly usually need to change their tires more often. Furthermore, temperature, tire pressure and road hazards also will have a say on the tire’s life span.

How to Tell that You Need New Tires

Since there is no exact method on how to tell how many miles before changing tires, you need to know the warning signs that your current tires need to retire. Firstly, try to check the length of the treads. If the treads still look pretty long and nice, you can continue using it even if it has passed the four years mark. But if the treads are short and the tires look bald, it is the right time to replace it. Lack of treads will make the tires slippery, which will be dangerous on wet and snowy road. Furthermore, you can also check the sidewalls. If you find cracks there, it is possible that the tires are leaking and you need to go to a repair shop as soon as possible.

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