How Many Miles Are Tires Good For ?

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How Many Miles Are Tires Good For?

Tires are one of the most important elements in your car and you need to keep them in good condition all the time. And when it comes to tires, there are some questions that probably keep lingering in your mind. How many miles are tires good for? How many miles can you keep driving on a spare tire? Well, the answer to those questions depends on the tire condition of the tire itself. Tires are not created the same and some are better and more durable than the others. Here are some important information you need to know about tires.

Regular Tire

Regular tires are the tires that come with your car when you buy it. Regular tire is very durable and made to last. This is because it comes with a lot of polyester tread underneath the rubber that makes it very strong. However, of course at some point you need to replace it too. So, how many miles before changing tires? Generally, you need to replace the tires after 3 to 4 years or around 13,000 to 15,000 miles. But it is not the exact count since many factors can affect the usability of the tires.

The closer replacement to regular tire is full-size spare. This type of spare tire has similar amount of tread with regular tire, if not exactly the same, which means it is also very durable. Maybe you will ask how many miles are tires good for in case of full-size spare. If it is exactly the same with the rest of the tires your car rolls on, then you can use it for 3 or 4 years. But if it is not, you can still drive on it for a pretty long time, but it is best to replace it with a tire that is exactly the same with the rest of the tires the car has.

Donut Tire

Donut tire is a spare tire that is made to save space in the car. It is more compact and lightweight because it doesn’t have a lot of tread, which means it is less durable than regular tire or full-size spare tire. Since it is not made for last, so, how long does a donut tire last exactly? Donut tire can only be used up to 70 miles and it is not something that you can use for a long time. Since donut spare tire can affect the braking and handling, it is best to replace it with regular tire as soon as possible.

Run-Flat Tire

With run-flat tire, you don’t have to conserve a space to store a spare tire in your car. Run-flat tire is very durable and it is designed to stand strong against road hazards such as puncture. The best thing about this type of tire is you don’t have to stop and replace the tire when it is punctured until a certain miles. So, how many miles are tires good for when it comes to punctured run-flat tire? Generally, you can continue driving up to 50 miles, but after that you need to replace the tire immediately.

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