How Long Does A Donut Tire Last

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How Long Does a Donut Tire Last

Flat tire is definitely one of the most annoying things that can happen when we are driving. Driving with a flat tire is definitely dangerous so you need to replace it immediately. If you happen to bring a full-size spare, it will definitely give you some peace of mind because you can use it immediately then continue driving. But if you only have donut tire in your car, you might be questioning how long does a donut tire last? We know that donut tire should not be used for too long since it is less reliable than full-size spare. But how long is too long and what can you do to stay safe when driving with a donut? Here are some information that will help answering your question.

About Donut Tire

Donut tire or space saving tire is created because full-size tire often cannot fit in the trunk of some smaller cars. The most important thing that makes donut tire different with regular tire is the former has very little tread which make it prone to damage and limit the tire’s cornering ability. It means, it is less durable than regular tire and if you drive on it for too long, the risks of accident will be higher.
So, how long do spare tires last and are all the spare tires the same? Well, spare tires are not created the same. While you can use full-size spare for years as long as it is absolutely the same with the other three tires, you cannot do the same with donut tire.


For How Long Can It Be Used?

Now it is time to answer the most important question. How long does a donut tire last? Well, unfortunately, since it is not as durable as full-size tire, it is also not designed to last long. Unlike the real regular tire that can be used for around 3 to 4 years, donut tire can only be used up to 70 miles. If you force it to go more than that, it can be very dangerous. The lack of tread on the surface of the space saving tire will make it more susceptible to damage. Therefore, once you have replaced the flat tire with the donut, it is best to find a tire repair shop and replace it with regular tire immediately.

How to Stay Safe with Donut Tire

Staying safe is the most important thing when driving. And since using donut tire will affect the car, you need to take these following measures to stay safe.
1. Do you still remember how long does a donut tire last? Well, if you do, make sure you replace the tire before your car touches 70 miles of driving.
2. Don’t drive faster than 50 mph. The tire will affect braking, cornering, handling and it will make driving less safe and comfortable. It means, you shouldn’t drive on highway when using donut tire.
You also should check the tire pressure before using and make sure it has around 60 psi. Donut tire is actually very safe to use. But you need to make sure that you don’t use it for too long and replace it once it reaches 70 miles.

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