How Long Do Spare Tires Last

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How long do spare tires last to use? The answer is come from the spare tires that you consider. There are two types of spare tires that common to use, the compact tire and full size tire. The compact tire is also known as donut tire. The donut tire also called with space saver and it is not recommended for long term driving. The damage in spare tire is likely not to perform well, therefore it is best for replace it rather than repair.

There are several conditions that need to determine how long does a donut tire last for next usage. The tire manufacturers are recommended for not drive the compact or donut tires more than 50 mph. since this is not available to beyond 50 mph, then what you need to do is not use in highway. The distance drive for the type of donut tires should not use more than 50 miles and only available for short drive trip.

The spare tire needs to replace with full size tire immediately due to safety from the vehicle use. The spare tires has smaller size and width that narrower from regular tires that can diminish braking system from the vehicle, corner ability and traction control. In addition, unlike the full size tire, the donut tire also has fewer plies, polyester that needed for make it stronger. This donut tire also does not resist with punctures or wear and it should not patch when the tire get blows out.

You have already set spare tires in your car bumper, but how long do spare tires last? How do you know that you need to replace it due to your safety? The full size tire needs to replace when the tread getting worn or when the tire reach 10 years usage age or it has been older from the sidewall date. The spare tire last is different from types. Therefore, it is important for knowing the tire type of your spare. First, you need to understand that the spare tire is the temporary tire that purposed for help you get to home or to the mechanic shop and the replace with the real tire when you have problem with your tire.

You are in long travel and curious “how fast can I go on a spare tire?” The compact tire size should not be used in more than 50mph. When you are experienced with flat tire and then have been used spare tire, then it is best to check the specification from the sidewall date for determined the requirement whether it need to be replaced or it can be used again in the future. In addition, if you feel that you are hesitate on your spare tire usage, then you can consult the manufacture date in sidewall for determine if the tire is over from 10 years. If you know that it has been 10 years or older, then you need to replace it regards to the condition to your safety. This can be your guide to know how long do spare tires last.

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