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Common tire problems appearing are unstable tire, unbalance tire, old tire, and leaked tire. As you face those problems, it needs to find the great tire store to fix those problems. Genos Tires is a trusted tire store for handling any tire problems. Even, it is capable to do auto care for any types of vehicles like trucks, car, buses, vans, and sedans.

Where Can You Find Genos Tires?

Genos tire store is a credible tire store in Booneville area. The tire store is located in 3200 W Chambers Dr Booneville, MS. Before you go to there, you can make an appointment by contacting its phone number. But, if you don’t want to make the appointment, it is possibly visiting it directly. The tire store is easily found because it is in the public area. Genos Tires serve customers and citizen of Booneville MS area. The tire store understands that the needs of people get new tire. This lets you help the best choice of some tire products. It is available the right tire for every need of customers with their budget that they have.

Though it is flexible, Genos Tire store doesn’t give bad tire products. The available tire brands are popular and great. To be the first and number one tire store, Genos Tire becomes pride of the main choice for customers to repair car and auto. As you get interested in fixing your tire of auto, you just come to the store directly. It is important to know the right schedule of the tire store. The store is opened starting from Monday to Saturday. On Monday to Friday, Genos Tire is opened at 7.30 am to 05.00 pm. On Saturday, it serves customers at 7.30 am to 1.00 pm. Visit there in the range of the opening hours.

Why Do You Choose Genos Tires?

Genos Tire is proud of serving Booneville MS area. It understands the needs of customers there so that the store is able to give satisfying services. In addition, it provides various tire products for different needs of auto. The cost of tire repair and auto care is very competitive and affordable so that you don’t need to spend much money and your saving. This was operated since 1963 being the experienced tire store. This also provides on the spot services for their credible and reliable guarantee. This tire store is likewise offering some used tires. But, for availability, you should contact it to check the stock of the tire. The technicians are friendly and experienced with fast services that can be handled by professional.

Complete Services in Genos Tires

Genos tire also give some complete services to enjoy customers. Air filter is available to oil refill. This also increases air circulation in the cabin. The battery service is provided for customers. It requires improving electricity system of your auto. Brake repair is a routinely check to improve endurance and brake durability. Suspension repair is another service in Genos Tires. The other services include lift kit, driveline repair, tire repair, balancing tire, ban installation, and Bay pro quick tire.

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