Driving With Nail In Tire

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As long as there is no problem arises from the tire, it seems like people usually will ignore their vehicle tire. In fact, people have to make sure that their tire is in the best condition because once there is problem with the tire; they can get troubled a lot. At least, people need to pay attention to the tire pressure because it will affect the performance of the tire on the road as well as the durability of the tire. Wrong tire pressure sometimes will make people feel uncomfortable when driving the vehicle. Some people maybe have a question about the safety when they drive the vehicle with low tire pressure or too high tire pressure. Of course this condition will make them unable to get the comfort and experience the best handling for the vehicle. When people are talking about the tire, we can make sure that there can be a time when people have to drive with specific tire condition. People will have big question as well about driving with nail in tire. Is it safe? This must be the most common question for people. This condition can be found often after all so at least people should know about some things when they find nail in the tire.

Do Not Touch

There will be one thing which people often do when they notice a nail in their tire. People usually cannot help their selves for touching it. However, they have to make sure that they do not touch it at all. The hole can be plugged by the nail if it is deep enough. It means that the air will not leak from the tire. They only need to make sure that they contact the tire store as soon as possible for getting the repair. It is necessary for repairing the tire soon if they do not want to find it blowout and cause much bigger problem which can be dangerous since they will lose the control of the vehicle on the road.

Driving with Nail in Tire
Short Distance

There can be a time when people are driving with nail in tire because they cannot find the tire store. They do not have choice in this circumstance but they have to understand properly that the longer they drive the vehicle with nail in the tire, they can get worse condition. It is okay for driving the vehicles in short distance to the tire store but they cannot commute to work in this circumstance.


The repair will be done according to the condition of the tire. The repairing of the hole may be performed by the tire store if the hole has small enough size. It will be more efficient than replacing the tire entirely. It is simpler method for fixing the tire by plugging it compared to replacing the tire. However, more damage can be found if they drive on the tire with nail too long. This can be the reason why the tire store has no choice unless replacing the entire tire which is more extensive and expensive. That is why driving with nail in tire is not recommended.

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