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The 644cc oil cooled, four stroke single carried Suzuki DR650 may quite possibly be the best dual purpose motorcycle that is available in the market nowadays, it has been getting a lot of attention from bikers and motorsport enthusiasts in the automotive world in general. As many bikers and enthusiasts know, when it comes to tires, your choice may dramatically increase or drastically hinder the motorbike’s traction on mud, wet surface, dry surface and many more. After all, riding your bike on-road as well as off-road boils down to one variable: traction management more – and this is exactly the primary reason why one must closely pay attention to the Dr650 tire size and the kind of tires they are purchasing for their bike.

Motorsport can be a quite expensive hobby, and it would be a waste to purchase new tires which in the end turn out to be an unsuitable match for your bike – or worse, to interfere with your bike’s capability on the road. For this reason, as its manufacturer, Suzuki highly recommends their genuine Suzuki tires which are specifically made true to size. The Suzuki standard Dr650 tire size for both the latest and older models are known to be 90/90-21 54S for the front tire, and 120/90-17 64S for the rear tire – for bike owners wishing to strictly stay on track with their uses of genuine parts, Suzuki recommends both Bridgestone TW41 Trail Wing Dual Sport 90/90-21 and the Bridgestone TW42 Trail Wing Dual Sport 120/90-17 for the front tire and rear tire respectively.

Dr650 Tire Size
However, the Death Wings – as many love to call it, is not the only tire option that is available on the market for Suzuki DR650 owners. If you are a Suzuki DR650 owner and you would like to opt for other tires aside of the recommended Bridgestone, you have come to the right place, as we are about to give you a few tips on choosing the perfect tires for your bike!

The dual-sport motorcycles come in a wide range of durability, heights, as well as sizes. As we are talking about Suzuki DR650, that is one issue out of the way – the next factor an owner must pay attention to when choosing new tires is what they generally use their DR650 for, as one activity may need different tires. If your DR650 is primarily used to roam the street, Pirelli Scorpion Trail 90/90-21 (front) and 120/90-17 (rear) give exceptional performance when it comes to its hi-speed grip stability on either dry and wet road. However, if your DR650 is primarily used for adventure touring the affordable King’s KT 966 Dual Sport 510×17/300×21 and Mitas E07 surprisingly do exceptionally well. Love to go off-road? You may go with the popular choice Continental TKC80 or Dunlop D606, or the one with soft rubber which is typically used by the Swiss Army, Trelleborg T644 Army Special. Whichever your choice may be, as long as you choose your tires according to the Dr650 tire sizewhich is 2.75 inch/3.00 inch for the front, and 4.50 inch/4.7 inch for the rear, you’ll be good to go.

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