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Bell road is a road that located in Metropolitan city of Phoenix. Bell road is a central road of phoenix city in the north. Actually, it is located in east west of north Phoenix city. Bell road is one of road that crossed river called Agua Fria in the north-western of the city. This road is an important ways that connects the Phoenix city and the Suprise suburb. As result, Bell Road become one of busiest road in Arizona that connected between Sun city and Suprise suburb. The name of Bell Road came from the farmer named Harvey Bell. The length of this street around 55,7 kilometres. Because, this road has a long ways, drivers who pass this road should provide with some a facilities. For example, rest areas he gas station, etc. Therefore, a store had opened in this road. It is a special store that sells a tires. Discount tire has opened on bell road.

A discount tire is a store that especially sell tire and wheel. This store belong to the Reinalt Thimas company. Actually, the central of discount tire in Arizona exactly Scottsdale city. Many peoole said that discount tire is an American California tire. The first discount tire was built in 1960s by Bruce Halle in Ann port of Michigan. Although, the first discount tire was an old building from plumbing store, but it has a excellent successful today. In record that discount store are opened to over two hundred stores in 1990s. Moreover, in 2000s, discount tire has opened the 500th store. And it still grew more.

In additional, they already have almost nine hundred stores in 2015. Those store has spread in twenty eight states in America. Discount tire is the only independent company that was operated by only one man. However, it makes discount store as the best retail store in field of tire and wheel. Even, a Guinness book world record  awarded this store in 2015 because discount tire have the longest TV commercial. Nowadays, discount tire can also be founded on bell road.

Discount Tire on Bell Road
Discount tire on bell road was opened in 1990s. There are three branches of discount tire in this road. There are  one discount store in Phoenix and two discount tire in Glendale. Obviously, those discount store are passed by bell road. Here, they will service the customers with satisfaction. They will give a reasonable price. In additional, the customers will be satisfied by friendly worker. In this store sell complete tire and wheel. Many various of tires is sold in this store. The customers doesn’t have to go to another store. Even, this store provides tires replacement. Therefore, if the driver who need a replacement of some tires and wheel, they may came to this store. Even, this store provides a door knock replacement. It makes customers doesn’t have to go out from their home. This company will come to you. The worker in this store are hard worker, responsible and can have fun. They will treat the customers with fairness and full of respect. Because, they believed that a happy customer can lead them to successful. That way, this store become one of successful store in America.

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