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You may not know that Discount Tire 77079 is actually not a franchise. Instead, it is a company that owns all the branches across the states. Overall, this is a good quality store brand that provides a variety of products and services related to car tires. It has been being a great store with hundred thousands of regular customers. So when you decide to be a regular at this place, you will not regret the decision you have made. Let’s have a closer look to this store.

Positive Reviews on Discount Tire 77079

For new customers, it is important to make quick assessment to see whether or not Discount Tire 77079 is a good store to choose. Well, according to the existing customer services, there are numerous positive things about this store. Good quality customer service is among the positive things. It is very easy to reach the store through phone. It also allows its customer to make appointments which is a great offer especially to avoid waiting too long at the store. Most of the stores are located in strategic location which makes it easier for customers to find and come to this store. The customers will also received compensation in case this store cannot finish their service within the targeted time length.

Despite of numerous positive reviews, some customers report negative reviews regarding this Discount Tire 77079 as well. This is actually normal because some staffs or mechanics are not as skillful and knowledgeable as other staffs. The most common issue is late service that makes customers have to wait for too long. The customer waiting area is not very comfortable as well so you have to really make yourself feeling as comfortable as you can while waiting for your car and tires to be repaired. those positive and negative reviews, this store receives 3.5/5 star.

Discount Tire 77079
Good Quality and Reasonable Price

Another most important thing regarding a good quality store is the product. Fortunately, this store offers good quality products offered at reasonable price. The price can even be better if you purchase 4 tires at once. This way, you can save few dollars from your pocket. And for every tire you buy, you get a warranty. The length of the warranty is varying depending on the brand you purchase. However, the standard warranty is 3 years for 50.000 miles. If you chose good quality tires, your tires can last for more than 5 years.

Free Services

Here is another thing that makes Discount Tire 77079 can be better than other stores. If you are lucky, you can get free tire inspection and rotation. Definitely it is a very good service especially if you need regular service. However, this free service is not always available. Therefore, you should ask the store first about whether this service is being offered the moment you ask.

Overall, the Discount Tire 77079 has been giving good experiences for most customers although there are also some customers who are not that lucky. But you should hold on to the majority which means considering of being regular at this store.

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