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Are you a regular at Discount Tire? Well, if you are then you certainly know how good of a place it is. The Discount Tire is one of the biggest tire store and center in US. It has branches in numerous states making it a regular place for millions of customers. Like other tire stores and centers, this place offers a wide variety of car tires from various brands in various sizes and types. But this store is not just offering tires as products but also a variety of tire services and other basic car services that are not related to car.

Product with Warranty

Here is one service that Discount Tire always offers to all its customers. For every tire you purchase from this store, there is a warranty. For instance, if you buy the Arizonan silver edition car tire that costs around $570 for 4 tires, you get a 50.000 miles warranty that expires for 3 years from the purchase date. This is great offer that any customers should get. The warranty is available for all the tires products so this should make you feel more peaceful knowing you get a warranty. The important thing you should always remember is to choose the right tire. Some tires are easy to worn out while some others are not. Even better, some tires are offered at discounted price. This is definitely a really good deal knowing you can pay less than you should be if you decide to buy the tires in other stores.

Buying tires at Discount Tire can be done both offline and online. Yes, their online stores are operating daily. This way, you can even store for tires on Sunday. Once you made the purchase, you can also have the tires balanced and mounted before you start using the tires for your car. Of course, if there is something wrong, you can let them know and have your tires checked at the nearest Discount Tire store.

Discoubt Tire
Average Service Quality

A good store should have good customer service as well. Unfortunately, not every Discount Tire branch store operates with high quality service. If you end up making business with store that has high quality service, you are lucky and will be walking out happily and proudly knowing you have made the right choice. But it is also possible for you to walk out angrily because you have dealt with non-professional mechanics and staffs. As a result, you have your car damaged or even broken. This is what had happened to few customers.

Therefore, it is very important for you to find out the available reviews of the nearest Discount Tire. This way, you can make quick assessment of whether or not you make visit to the store. But if you have the a good quality Discount Tire store near you, there should be no thinking twice to be a regular at that place. You can have your tires checked, balanced and repaired so your car will perform much better.

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