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When it comes to one of the best tire centers in states, Dekalb Tire Roswell Road certainly is in the map. Despite being a family-owned company and has started to operate since 1965, this tire center works professionally and is always ready to handle every customer’s need. Best pricing and best care is the focus of this tire store and center. Just like other leading tire center in the states, this store offers a huge variety of tires and related services. It is simply the reason why a lot of people have chosen be to be a regular at this place. Will you do the same? Well, consider these following services and qualifications to be more certain.

High Quality Customer Service

One of the most significant features of a tire store and center is the service. It has to be high in quality. And this is exactly what the Dekalb Tire Roswell Road has been doing since it was first operating. This has been becoming place where you can rely on high quality service. Every time you come for a repair or maintenance, the professional and knowledgeable staffs are ready to help you and give you what you need. They do their work within a considerably short time so you do not have to wait for too long. And as you wait, you can enjoy a nice customer waiting area with free WiFi connectivity, coffee maker, HDTV, comfortable seating and even kids area. This way, you do not feel bored while waiting for your car to be fixed.

Dekalb Tire Roswell Road
Reliable Services

Overall, this tire store and center operates with skillful and knowledgeable staffs and mechanics although there is also a few number of mechanics that are less skillful than others. Overall, the customers give positive comment after having repair and service for their cars. Once you arrived, your car will be briefly assessed by the mechanics and later, they will come to you to show the assessment result. They will also ask you for the problems you have been dealing with. As a customer, you have the right to decide what repair and services you want yet the mechanics still give advises to what you should do.

Depending on the type of services and repair, each car requires different length of time to complete the necessary repair. For instance, oil change requires 30 to 60 minutes which is average. Meanwhile, other complicated services require longer time.

Reasonable Pricing

A good tire store and center should offer good price. It doesn’t have to be always cheap. Instead, it should offer reasonable price. For instance, you pay around $3- to $45 for an oil change. The pricing for the tire is also reasonable. There will be no stories of you having to pay a lot of money for service and product that actually cost you half the price in other places. This is definitely another reason why Dekalb Tire Roswell Road has been so popular, a great one stop service for a better car performance.

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