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Driving down your vehicles to Santa Cruz is adventuring and challenging. What will you do if you have tire and vehicle problems there? You should seek the best and reputable tire store. Costco Tires Santa Cruz is a versatile tire store to overcome all problems and troubles of tire and vehicle.  Moreover, it prepares several different services and facilities for customers.

Near Tire Store

What will you say about Costco Tires? The tire store is located in Costco Wholesale. The address is at 220 Sylvania Ave, Santa Cruz, CA95060. The store is easily found because it is located in the center of the city. The store is opened at week days starting from 10.00 am to 6.00 PM. You can come to the store on those days at the right opening hours. If you want to make an appointment before visiting there, you can call on the phone number.

Great Services

Coming to Costco Tires Santa Cruz will never disappoint. The tire store is like warehouse where it gives more services for customers. The tire store gives you access of eye care, tires repair, pharmacy, gas, and many more. It means that you can enjoy some different services in the tire store. You can boost your energy and stamina by eating in the food court. The food court is amazing. You just pay $ 1.63 including tax for getting regular hot dog and soda, and also big polish. You can order some other junk foods there with affordable price. The taste of the foods is yummy and tasty.

Costco Tires Santa Cruz
Multifunctional Tire Store

Costco Tires is not a common tire store. This is amazingly multifunctional tire store. You are not able to fix and repair tire and vehicles. In the store, you can buy and shop daily needs in the available grocery. You can enjoy delicious foods in the canteen. The gas station is available there to supply gas tank of your vehicles. If you get tired on waiting for the tire repair, you may enjoy spa services to relax your mind and body. This is an ultimate choice for tire and vehicle repair in Santa Cruz.

Nice Things about Costco Tire

Most of the people claim that Costco Tire is very good because it saves great facilities and savings when you shop and repair there. There are extra good things of that tire store. Costco tire is located in the right location though it has a separate area for every facility included. You can meet a gas center in the parking station cheaper than the other gas stations in Santa Cruz. You can stock fuel there. The tire store is very wide and huge. This is very crowded as well with a wide variety of services and facilities included. If you come there at crowd, the parking lot is wide and big so that it accommodates more cars and vehicles there. All staffs and technicians of Costco Tires Santa Cruz are friendly, competent, and professional. They are able to serve customers satisfyingly and well getting you always happy to gain the services.

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