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Costco tire warranty is one of the many reasons why people come and use the service. There are many similar services from other companies; however, they do not provide lifetime warranty. As drivers, you may not be able to escape from mechanical issues in your vehicle. Therefore, sometimes you need to have additional saving just for that. There are not many people have the additional saving and for that reason, they must spend more money . Costco tire service provides the warranty to help their customers from facing the particular issue.

Costco Program

What is exactly the aim of this program? The aim of this program is to save the customers’ money. There are some points that are covered. First is the road hazard failure, it is when the tire is unserviceable. The cause of this problem is the the cuts as well as the punctures that cannot be repaired. This problem has impact damage too. Therefore, customers can gain reparation service  for their tires with the guarantee of tread face injuries. This guarantee is based on the standard of Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Second, Costco tire warranty also covers similar issue as the previous one, but this time is for passenger, light truck tires, and also performance of the tires which are bought from Costco wholesale.

Costco Tire Warranty
Third, the validation of this warranty is for about 60 months. The date will be counted based on the purchasing date. You can also gain the warranty if your tire has reached 2/32 inches. Other words, if your tire is between 2/32 of an inch or when it is even less than that, it means that the tire has worn out.

The third one is the credit based warranty. It is based on the remain tread when there is a failure which is caused by road hazard. Fourth, the usable tread is known as the the origin of a tire less. Additionally, the credit is decided based on the multiplication of useable remaining tread also by the newest price of the tires. Fifth, warranty is a kind of agreement or a promise about particular condition in order to gain credit. This warranty is based on the prorated basis in buying a new tire. It does not mean that in the warranty, Costco Wholesale sells tire. Moreover, the warranty is the original one. It is not modified or replace. The warranty also includes the replacement, and also modification of the original manufacturers.

Overall, the guarantee gives you a lot of benefits that will help you saving more money. It the price in costco is quite affordable. So, if you want to live more economical, going to Costco and becoming their members will help you a lot. As customers, you will be spoiled with many kinds of benefits. You can even get lifetime warranty and not all service center provides this. There are not many people familiar with Costco tire warranty, go ahead and make sure that everything that deals with your tire is under control.

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